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Dyblast 02:07 Hi … i see that on mac using CG/Cocoa the window field of NPWindow is null .. why? is there a way to get the window pointer?
beezboy 04:07 Hello everybody
I need link C lib to FireBreath
Any idea?
ryan 06:07 The forum is down
Guest77748 06:07 not sure if someone is aware of that
Grimshaw 07:07 hello!
is anyone available?
I need to know how to get the URL of the html page running the plugin
reichi 07:07 just grab document.location
Grimshaw 07:07 how would i do that?
i need something like, or without the myplugintest.html
reichi 07:07 document.location.href would be the whole
Grimshaw 07:07 but that is javascript right?
can i grab that from C++ ?
reichi 07:07 yes
you can
Grimshaw 07:07 please point me the right functions to do so
reichi 07:07 . interacting with javascript
!interacting with javascript
Grimshaw 07:07 i m implementing something like the unity player, but i only started using the fb 1 day ago :D
reichi 07:07 .find interacting with javascript
!find interacting with javascript
FireBreathBot 07:07 Found 1 possible matches. Displaying 1
/^struct with_custodian_and_ward : BasePolicy_$/ (s) found in src/3rdParty/boost/boost/python/with_custodian_and_ward.hpp:
reichi 07:07 mmh no
take this one ;)
but mmh
firebreath has it's own document object
that may even have a method for that
Grimshaw 07:07 im still a little hanging using the api, i ve managed to run my games through it
only need download urls to prepare the assets
also, by the way, is there a predefined URL in the local disk to cache files?
reichi 07:07 no
but you can get the path the plugin resides in
or use standard techniques to get the home directory or something like that
you're totally free there
Grimshaw 07:07 ok, I will just store cached data in Documents/ and home directories, depending on the OS
reichi 07:07 e.g.
Grimshaw 07:07 you are a part of firebreath dev team? : )
reichi 07:07 nope
Grimshaw 07:07 I've found the tool to be amazing, its kind of cool that i was able to implement a web player for my engine with like 20 lines of code :)
reichi 07:07 i had to add "my own" platform so i was forced to get to know it a little
FB is totally awesome
Grimshaw 07:07 your own? what do you mean? :D
reichi 07:07 though sometimes a little inconsistent in coding styles ;)
i'm building stuff for a set-top-box
Grimshaw 07:07 its particularly fantastic that i just created the basic tutorial project
reichi 07:07 so i had to get rid of all dependencies to things like gtk
Grimshaw 07:07 and from there i was able to compile my engine as usual imeddiately :D
i see :D
<param name="onload" value="pluginLoaded" />
using that to pass document.location
sounds reasonable to you?
or error prone?
reichi 07:07 no
your plugin holds a document object
Grimshaw 07:07 from PluginCore instances, where do i reference it?
documentation is a little fuzzy on that :D
reichi 07:07 i can't tell you that exactly by heart
but your plugin holds a DocumentPtr
Grimshaw 07:07 doesnt seem to, by looking at docs
im browsing :D
reichi 07:07 you can also just use FB::DOM::Document::document()
the doc says you want to use FB::BrowserHost::getDOMDocument( )
Grimshaw 07:07 i was just about to open BrowserHost docs :D
reichi 07:07 than call getJSObject() on that
and afterwards getProperty on the JSObject
but maybe there's a helper somewhere which will directly give you the current href ;)
taxilian could definitley tell you that right away ;)
so i've explained a lot
for noting ;)
Grimshaw 08:07 ahhahah
thanks :D
the BOSS! :D
reichi 08:07 m_host
should be the correct member
wihtin your *API.cpp
Grimshaw 08:07 yeah it is, its set as a member :D
reichi 08:07 (just don't pass the host around, it will create one hell of a mess if you do so ;))
Grimshaw 08:07 and it doesnt seem safe, i just ran a different thread and do my own world stuff in there
i just hook file data from downloads
and the window handle
reichi 08:07 i don't think's it's thread safe
if one doesn't know it's always good to assume it is not ;)
Grimshaw 08:07 also a good point
i assumed also that the pointer could change anytime
therefore no storing
anyway, i think ive read SynchronousGet is thread safe
should be ok to use
reichi 08:07 you will notice if it#s not :p
Grimshaw 08:07 oh yeah, bang bang :D
lets see if i can make a little scripted game :D
its funny that i found firebreath
imediate increase of target audience with my engine ehhe
it was building on android windows linux mac..
now, browsers
which is a plus :D
reichi 08:07 what are you building?
Grimshaw 08:07
undergoing development for a 2D engine for my own gamedev :)
mostly features a complete set of gamedev functionality, while deploying in all platforms seamlessly :D
reichi 08:07 uuh, that sounds nice :)
welcome back ;)
Grimshaw_ 08:07 had to switch browser :D
reichi 08:07 :)
Grimshaw_ 08:07 the engine is going pretty nice, i currently have a nice platformer
runs smoothly in android and the pc without problems
the only problem is that it wont run in the browser
because its native C++
reichi 08:07 i never did any game development
Grimshaw_ 08:07 and i dont want to allow native code within my plugin
its a nice side of programming :D aiming google play store at the moment :D
iOS is a goal too :D
reichi 08:07 i totally refuse anything with an apple on it
except it's an eatable apple
Grimshaw_ 08:07 im not a fan either, im more of an android guy
actually, a pc guy, but gotta follow the trends a little
businessly speaking
if that is even a english word
ahah :D
reichi 08:07 luckily my android app is a "just for fun" project
Grimshaw_ 08:07 what is it ? :D
reichi 08:07
this one
i actually wrote this app before i started working for that company
(that does all the development for dreamboxes)
Grimshaw_ 08:07 dreamboxes are what exactly? :D
reichi 08:07 set top boxes
sattelite and/or cable receivers
Grimshaw_ 08:07 from the screenshots it looked a little like a tv box
oh, i was right
reichi 08:07 satellite even
Grimshaw_ 08:07 there are apps like that for the isp i use
tv - net isp actually :D
reichi 08:07 :)
Grimshaw_ 08:07 good job
something i see you probably figured
and that i need
reichi 08:07 i also did most parts of the backend
Grimshaw_ 08:07 you did peer discovering right?
reichi 08:07 so it was quite straight forward to write a client for it (or another)
Grimshaw_ 08:07 finding the online boxes ip in the wifi network?
reichi 08:07 what do you mean?
Grimshaw_ 08:07 how did you handle it?
reichi 08:07 using 2 techniques
1. looking for known hostnames
Grimshaw_ 08:07 i need to discover peers too in the lan
reichi 08:07 all models do have default hostnames
Grimshaw_ 08:07 to host wifi direct multiplayer games
reichi 08:07 on factory settings
2. using avah/mdns
Grimshaw_ 08:07 like a discovering service?
reichi 08:07 yes
Grimshaw_ 08:07 i d say that is unix only
reichi 08:07 well
not exactly ;9
Grimshaw_ 08:07 and i need a solution that works between android phones and windows mac linux too
could work?
reichi 08:07 you can use a lib for that
Grimshaw_ 08:07 i use ENET for networking
its great but actually doesnt provide something like that
reichi 08:07 i gues with a little googling
you should find a lib that helps doing it
i would search for zeroconf or mdns
or service discovery maybe
Grimshaw_ 08:07 thanks :)
reichi 08:07 it's a pretty common standard
Grimshaw_ 08:07 i got this think working :)
reichi 08:07 there's even a chrome plugin
Grimshaw_ 08:07 it now downloads the files i need
little question
i see your app has plenty of downloads
does it bring in any money?
or either has the potential too?
reichi 08:07 none at all
i never thought about it
Grimshaw_ 08:07 wondering, with a ad solution
reichi 08:07 i don't have a business myself
but i would have to in germany
including all the annoying stuff according to taxes and stuff
Grimshaw_ 08:07 yeah ://
but i think it could be worth some money
reichi 08:07 i don't think i would create enough value to motivate me for that
i though about ads
Grimshaw_ 08:07 i see over 100.000 downloads
reichi 08:07 167k
to be more precise
Grimshaw_ 08:07 services like AirPush
reichi 08:07 and almost 75k active installations
Grimshaw_ 08:07 claim something around 5$ per 1000 displays
reichi 08:07 hmm
i gues sfor ads user have to spend a certain time within the app
Grimshaw_ 08:07 AirPush is instant, in the notifications bar
reichi 08:07 and i think the app is something you open for like a minute
and oyu're done
Grimshaw_ 08:07 but you have 167k of downloads, since the beggining?
reichi 08:07 yeah
i guess it was about 3 years ago or so
i initially expected it to download about 5k times
at most
i was obviously pretty wrong about that
Grimshaw_ 08:07 heeh
hard to go up in the store
reichi 08:07 but the code is a total mess :/
Grimshaw_ 08:07 its a pretty crowded market
reichi 08:07 well
Grimshaw_ 08:07 its a nice app, for free, its already great :D
reichi 08:07 there's almost no challengers for my specific use-case
the next best has like 10% of my installations
Grimshaw_ 08:07 if it was something of broader use, it would already be on the tops
reichi 08:07 or even less
Grimshaw_ 08:07 :)
reichi 08:07 well yes
considering you also have to have a dreambox
i think the numbers are amazingly big
Grimshaw_ 08:07 exactly, its not the most common thing, at least globally
reichi 08:07 but well
i wanted to keep it a hobby project
and adding ads
somehow makes it not so hobby anymore
Grimshaw_ 08:07 earning some bucks is ok
not everybody is wealthy
reichi 08:07 people can spend via paypal
Grimshaw_ 08:07 microtransactions etc
reichi 08:07 i thought about adding an in-app purchase
and recently found a nice lib for that
that really eases up the use
so people could spend something like 1,2,5,10 euro/usd
i somehow mess up that word over and over again
in german it means "spenden"
Grimshaw_ 08:07 but spend is right
its curious that the developer of fb worked for facebook
i wonder hows the workplace environment in there
reichi 08:07 just ask taxilian_away ;)
he's the developer
reichi 09:07 i am off for now, cya
Grimshaw_ 09:07 ok brother
nice to meet you
taxilian 10:07 well, I've been pretty much laid out on my couch for 2 days, but I'm finally able to (carefully) sit in my desk chair without feeling like I'll faint. did I miss anything interesting?
jshanab 13:07 Welcome back. I was getting worried there.
taxilian 13:07 =]
it's good to be vertical again
jshanab_ 17:07 Speaking of something interesting. Anyone build the "Basic Media Player" example on Mac recently? I am using xcode 4.3.3. and selecting the 10.6 SDK but it crashes xcode during the build. I can build the test plugin. I am on the commit that starts with "96d2b3..."
"Target ZERO_CHECK has been asked for it's build context bit it does not belong to a project" is all I can see in the crash report that sounds like an error
jshanab_ 18:07 I cannot get BasicMediaPlayer to build. xcode just keeps crashing. I saw a potential workaround "cmake --build /path/to/build" but I could not figure out if that means the, the build directory or the src directory with the CMAkeList.txt file. I just keep getting "Could not load cache"
jshanab_ 19:07 taxillian. Hows it going?
taxilian 19:07 jshanab_ going alright
the cmake —build trick you specify the build dir that you gave to the prep script as the second argument
or build/ is the default
for examples buildex/
jshanab_ 19:07 I cannot get anything to work now, every build crashes xcode. Driving me nuts
taxilian 19:07 it's a really short trip
I have no idea :-(
jshanab_ 19:07 takes about 4 days
taxilian 19:07 try it from the command line
jshanab_ 19:07 It stays building a lot longer. Maybe once it gets a chunk done it will be ok.
It makes it through. Darn. My Xcode experiance was so nice up to now with the iOS app. :-(
taxilian 19:07 lol
yeah, xcode 3 did a lot better with c++
xcode 4 is fantastic for ios dev, probably all obj c dev, but for c++ it kinda stinks
jshanab_ 19:07 Reminds me of thee who xhould not be named and C# vs c++
taxilian 19:07 lol
jshanab_ 19:07 Can I add memory to a macbook-air? or are they sealed.
taxilian 19:07 hmm. not actually sure
sealed, I think, but not certain
I know the macbook pro retina is sealed
"No. That computer's RAM is soldered to the motherboard and not upgradable"
as I suspected
jshanab_ 19:07 This has 4Gig which should be enough
And it should just slow down and swap, not crash, right? Does Mac have an OAK ("Offending App Killer")
taxilian 19:07 option+command+escape
jshanab_ 19:07 Ya know. I look at top and it still has stuck iOS profiling sessions. I am gonna. **ack** reboot my mac BRB
taxilian 19:07 lol
jshanab_ 19:07 talk about strange. Restart mac and build my plugin. No problem other than the bugs. Try to build the BasicMediaPlayer. and xcode immediatly crashes even when I have 2G free of ram. Go back to my project. Immediate crash on build. I think I asked earlier, Has anyone recently built the BasicMediaPlayer on Mac ?? the most recent and with xcode 4.3.3?
talk about strange. Restart mac and build my plugin. No problem other than the bugs. Try to build the BasicMediaPlayer. and xcode immediatly crashes even when I have 2G free of ram. Go back to my project. Immediate crash on build. I think I asked earlier, Has anyone recently built the BasicMediaPlayer on Mac ?? the most recent and with xcode 4.3.3?
taxilian 19:07 I haven't
jshanab_ 20:07 If someone has a moment to build that on mac and see if the problem is not just between my keyboard and chair, I'd really appreciate it
I also see backgroundinstruments is always running. If I kill it it just immediatly respawns with a new pid. Is that normal?
taxilian 20:07 I would if I could, but right now I'm too deep in some other things that I need to get done
and I haven't even started on the things I wanted to do today while I "ease back into real work"
jshanab_ 20:07 No problem. I know you have had a rough few days. I was hoping someone else could volunteer. I am gonna kick it an watch a movie then go to bed. Last night we had a storm move threw that was impressive. impressive enough to keep me up have the night. I am zonked. Hopefully it will look better in the morning.
taxilian 20:07 hehe. enjoy your movie, then, and I hope tomorrow brings happier compiling =]
I'm trying to coordinate the ham radio support for a city parade that is saturday
and sometime between now and Sunday morning at 11 I need to find time to prepare a 20 minute talk for church
jshanab_ 20:07 Cool. I forgot you were into Ham radio. I use to help my friend on some of the clubs events.
taxilian 20:07 heh. only someone who only knows me through FireBreath would ever forget something like that… :-P
my father in law is the contact for the local volunteer examiner team; we do more applicants than almost any other group in the country, and I wrote the software we use to give tests
and then there is, the site I maintain in my "spare time"
jshanab_ 20:07 LOL. I have found the secret to becoming increasigly absent minded. work 7 days a week for the last few years and make every day at least 12hr behind the computer(s)
taxilian 20:07 hehe
yeah, that'll do it
I used to do that… I decided it wasn't worth it and I stopped
one of the best decisions of my life
jshanab_ 20:07 As they say in racing slow down to go faster. .. As soon as I get this working LOL
taxilian 20:07 hehe
jshanab_ 20:07 C_ya