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beezboy 05:07 hello guys
a very interesting project
taxilian 10:07 beezboy: we like it
benosa 10:07 @taxilian Приветствую
taxilian 10:07 good morning
benosa 10:07 @taxilian У вас сейчас утро??
taxilian 10:07 it is indeed =]
benosa 10:07 у меня 19:49
taxilian 10:07 hehe
whats up?
benosa 10:07 Снова вернулся к firebreath и возник опять вопрос
taxilian 10:07 ну давай
benosa 10:07 @taxilian ?? клавиатура русская заработала ? )
taxilian 10:07 oh, I have one; it's just usually a pain to set up. I use "synergy" to share the keyboard on my windows machine with my mac, so I have to actually use a physically different keyboard to set it to the russian keyboard layout
benosa 10:07 а понятно
сделал SDL программу, подключил wxWidget, т.е. Owner окно SDL, wxWidget вывожу в это окно
taxilian 10:07 и я тоже намного быстрее умею печатать по-англииски
benosa 10:07 перенёс этот код в плагин
и увидел странную разницу
у меня не выводится wxMenuBar
хотя код один и тот же
могу выложить куда-нибудь screenshots этого аномального явления )
почему так может быть?
и там и там я не Owner окна, но в SDL все нормально
taxilian 11:07 this is on windows?
benosa 11:07 yes
taxilian 11:07 hmm. I have no idea
benosa 11:07
taxilian 11:07 it's possible that you simply can't put a menu bar on a borderless window?
I really don't know. I've never done anything like that :-/
benosa 11:07 @taxilian: я об этом не подумал - вполне возможно, попробую, спасибо за наводку
borderless window
нет, не в этом дело
taxilian 11:07 I don't know, then :-/
benosa 11:07 А ты не знаешь какой-нибудь GUI под SDL или под что-то другое, кроссплатформенное, что я смог бы подключить к плагину
taxilian 11:07 I have no idea. I don't ever use that type of GUI in my plugins
benosa 11:07 перерыл весь интернет ничего путевого коме как wxWidgets не нашел
может что-то с размерами, а меню на самом деле есть, только оно выше находится самого окна?
попробую покопать в эту сторону
@taxilian: единственный вариант остается нарисовать GUI самому )
taxilian 11:07 I generally just provide a js interface and use html for my gui
benosa 14:07 @taxilian: FireBreath Add support for GTK+ 2.12 ??
taxilian 14:07 you mean on windows? or on linux?
benosa 14:07 @taxilian: gtk+ можно объеденить с плагином?
@taxilian: windows
taxilian 14:07 I have no idea; you'd have to try it
benosa 14:07 Я просто в поисковике нашел эту страницу
FireBreathBot 14:07 FIREBREATH-120: Summary: Add support for GTK+ 2.12
FIREBREATH-120: Assigned To: richard
FIREBREATH-120: Priority: Major, Status: Closed,
taxilian 14:07 that's on linux
benosa 14:07 ааа не обратил внимания
benosa 16:07 @taxilian: wxWidgets получилось заставить работать )))
taxilian 16:07 awesome! you know what would be really neat is if you could post an example somewhere of how to do that =]
benosa 16:07 @taxilian: Работает только через одно место ) и только в Windows )
taxilian 16:07 right
benosa 16:07 @taxilian: Firebreath + SDL+SetParent()+wxWidget
А где разместить?
taxilian 16:07 you could just put it on github
benosa 16:07 @taxilian: Я никогда не выкладывал туда - где можно почитать - как выложить?
taxilian 16:07
there is a russian version too
or search the 'net for github tutorials; you won't understand as well what is going on, but there are shorter ones
benosa 16:07 @taxilian: ok
а что конкретно туда выложить?
я просто никогда не выкладывал своих кодов - думал этим занимаются профессионалы - я таковым себя не считаю
taxilian 16:07 just the project dir and any dependencies
eh, most "professionals" are just regular coders who convinced some sap to pay them ;-) if you can get that working, you can throw up an example. remember that the main point is to avoid someone else having to go through what you just went through
benosa 16:07 @taxilian: - то есть все то что позволит - сразу скачать и запустить пример?
taxilian 16:07 the end goal would be to have it something like the examples in the firebreath source
examples/FBTestPlugin for example
benosa 16:07 папка projects с моим проектом и все библиотеки SDL и wxWidgets?
taxilian 16:07 or instructions to get SDL and wxWidgets
benosa 17:07 ок, я понял, я на днях подготовлю чистый проект, выберу необходимое и скину на github. с описанием
taxilian 17:07 cool =]
benosa 17:07 @taxilian: У меня не получалось - весь интернет перерыл - думал уже бросить эту затею) - потом попробовал последний вариант, который в голове висел - не мог понять почему разница в отображении в SDL окне и в plugin - решил посередине SDL впихнуть - оказа
taxilian 17:07 huh
benosa 17:07 @taxilian: Пойду спать у нас уже 2:09
когда на github положу код отпишусь
спокойной ночи - хотя у вас ещё день )
taxilian 17:07 =] awesome. have a good night
jshanab 18:07 I am trying to build in mac and xcode says "missing base sdk". I think I had it partially building before, but I have recently updated xcode to 4.3.3. Did that muck things up? the /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.7.sdk folder does exist
taxilian 18:07 change it to use 10.6
jshanab 18:07 Thankyou. That was the ticket.
taxilian 18:07 yeah
I know
jshanab 18:07 taxillian. A funny thing happened during the port to iPhone. the iPhone app forced me to redo some stuff and now it is doing much better than my plugin code.
taxilian 18:07 lol
well, things are usually better the second time you write them
if I rewrote FireBreath I suspect I could do it a lot better
I know I could, actually
but I don't have time
jshanab 19:07 I also found that newer opengl drivers >= 4.1 support GLES 2.0 compatibility mode. I think I can use the same code for video streaming on the iphone as in the browser. Treat each instance of the plugin as an "embedded" device. No pun intended
I just learned just how bad the @sychronized is relative to a posix mutex !
taxilian 19:07 hehe
jshanab 19:07 This ought to smoke then. Next, I write it for Droid
I know about the time issue. I have a whole new perspective on it after the last year. IE9 is really really pissing me off though.
taxilian 19:07 hehe
that's a normal thing
darnit; I hit the wrong button and now my iphone is restoring a second time
20 minutes gone
when I'm in a hurry
jshanab 19:07 ie9 decided to use DirectX but they seem to be not playing fair and steal the ctx causing activeX using directX to fail. Since it sometimes ends up in the same process, and they hold locks on some stuff to keep things smooth, it crashes. At least that is what the debugger is saying. I think opengl will be the way out of that nightmare.
taxilian 19:07 hehe
jshanab 19:07 If I can figure out the openGLES inside the browser, would you be interested in that for an example. (in my spare time ROTFL)
taxilian 19:07 absolutely
jshanab 19:07 cool
Well, I was expecting more errors for my first attempt to build the plugin in xcode. I have been slowly moving to anything everything cross platform but 5 errors!
After a month of working in xcode, I spent the last two days in Visual studio and I am sooo glad to be back on the Mac.
taxilian 19:07 lol
yeah; xcode isn't bad when you get used to it
jshanab 19:07 FAST
taxilian 19:07 but some things about it, particularly for C++, are really annoying since 4.0
yeah, that too
jshanab 19:07 Mac book air with xcode -- vs -- 8 core 3+ ghz 12GB ram with SS drives windows and Visual studio macbook air under a min to build, Windws machine over 5 and you can't use visual studio at all during that time.
taxilian 19:07 hehe
jshanab 19:07 It doesn't even make sense
My linux boxes smoke windows too, but.. wow... and it takes a lot for me to say something like that. call it a glowing review :-) (I have learned how to avoid the beach-ball)
So I think I may have the case of some directory wrong as it says it cannot find a header file. (the case and name of the header itself is correct.) Where in xcode can I see what the paths are for includes? like VS properties
Hitsuji 19:07 Ok, I'm having some massive troubles at the moment trying to write to the window in a firebreath plugin with direct2d.
My first main concern atm tho is that the plugin window thats passed to the FB::AttachEvent handler does not seem to be correct. When i get the HWND and run GetCLientRect on it I get a size that's 60 times what the window dimensions shoulb be. in the HTML i set the width and height to 640 x 480 but the rect returns dimension of 38400 x 28800?
Am I doing something crazy wrong of have I misconfigured firebreath at some point?
taxilian 19:07 Hitsuji: sometimes I've seen the attachevent get called before the window is sized properly
but I have to admit I've never seen quite what you're describing
jshanab 19:07 exactly * 60 ?
taxilian 19:07 that does seem like a suspiciously round number
jshanab 19:07 forgot the px in html and it is trying to convert dpi or something?
taxilian 19:07 that's an interesting question, Hitsuji; are you setting it in the stylesheet to width: 640; height: 480?
without the px suffix there it could do what you're seeing
jshanab 19:07 I just found out the other day that the numbers coming from windows on a mouse wheel event (thanks for getting that code in there BTW) are in "screen coord" On my dual monitor that is the virtual screen that covers both monitors. very large numbers compared to client window
Hitsuji 19:07 yes it's exactly 60 times each time. I've tried setting different sizes and always 60 time.
taxilian 19:07 pastebin us the exact code you're using to set the size
Hitsuji 19:07 hmm... think i did forget the px
jshanab 19:07 That is the "default dpi"
taxilian 19:07 yeah, that would do it. in the html attribute width and height you're okay, but not in css
Hitsuji 19:07 ok, i've set both width and height correctly with px suffix and still the same
<object type="application/x-nitkplugin" id="plugin" width="640px" height="480px"></object>
jshanab 19:07 When I re-prep it sets the sdk back to 10.7 Is there a setting in a config file for mac?
taxilian 19:07 Hitsuji: when you set the width and height using the html attributes that way you shouldn't need the px
jshanab: there is a prep script option to set the sdk
Hitsuji 19:07 the issues happens both with and without px setting it that way. tried adding a style attribute to and still the same
taxilian 19:07 hard to say. I would try a different computer
or at least a different browser
what is the zoom setting on your browser?
Hitsuji 20:07 default, everything is default
taxilian 20:07 I still suspect your particular config
it's too exact to be random
Hitsuji 20:07 gonna setup chrome for debug and try that... my config is actually a fresh install of OS + everything for this project
Hitsuji_ 20:07 OK the issue seems to be specific to firefox