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danny 07:07 hi, I compiled my project successfuly on Debug mode (as at was by default) on Mac Os , however when I tried to build it on Release mode via Xcode I got the following errors: 1) No such file or directory: '..npapi/build/PluginCore/Release/libPluginCore.a' 2)No such file or directory: '...npapi/build/projects/BugManager/PluginAuto/Release/libBMA_PluginAuto.a' and much more like that
I tried also to set the paramer -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release on but I got the following warning : Manually-specified variables were not used by the project: CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE
taxilian 19:07 danny: tell it to build your plugin project
xcode4 doesn't build the right project by default
not sure why
Binbo 19:07 general question,usually what is the problem if a browser plugin did not load at all in vs release mode. Did not load means plugincontainer.exe not spawned at all
taxilian 19:07 Binbo: most likely you're missing a dependency
that's usually the cause of a problem like that
Binbo 19:07 taxillian : dependancy walker shows that IESHIMS.dll and WER.dll were missing. But AFAIK IESHIMS is for IE and WER is error reporting for win7. And I tested it in firefox on XP
another case is it also the same with my dev lappy which debug version works.
taxilian 19:07 interesting. does regsvr32 run on the release ver?
the one that isn't working?
Binbo 19:07 actually I'm facing this with vlc web plugin which din use regsvr32. For firebreath I dont have much prob
taxilian 19:07 well, that makes it a lot harder to debug =]
Binbo 19:07 AFAIK to debug it I should attach on plugincontainer isnt it?
but plugincaontainer not even there =.=
taxilian 19:07 this is firefox?
this is firefox?
Binbo 19:07 I tried to make it works on firefox first
taxilian 19:07 does it show up in about:plugins?
Binbo 19:07 yup
its actually pre installed with vlc player,the default version which works
if I build it myself and overwrite the default one. Debug version works but not release version
hurm my last choice is install c++ runtime and use debug version on every machine =.=
taxilian 19:07 well, I'm still going to say that it sounds like a dependency issue; my first guess would be the dynamic runtime
but I don't konw
most of the time when it shows up in about:plugins but doesn't load one of two things is happening
1) the plugin can't load (generally because a DLL is missing)
2) the plugin loads but crashes immediately
you can test #2 by going to about:config, search for ipc, and disable ipc for the plugin in question
then it won't launch out of process and so if it crashes, ti'll crash the whole browser
Binbo 19:07 gonna try it now
taxilian : Unhandled exception at 0x77b515de (ntdll.dll) in firefox.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation.
taxilian 20:07 well, there's your problem
now just attach the debugger to firefox and find out where it's crashing
build release mode with symbols
Binbo 20:07 taxilian : err sorry noob question, by default vs2010 build release mode with debug symbols isnt it?
taxilian 20:07 not usually
but it depends on how the project is set up
Binbo 20:07 taxilian : call stack pointed on this codes. I dont know if it helps :
taxilian 20:07 that was the top of the stack?
Binbo 20:07 taxilian : the top 4
the 4th one is the code I have shown
taxilian 20:07 you can load the symbols for the windows stuff by right clickign on the line and telling it to load symbols from the microsoft symbol library