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iAmJohn 08:07 hi
is it possible to get the value from a "prompt" dialog box?
Dyblast 10:07 Hi
I can't load my plugin on Mac Chrome (Mac Safari/Firefox works). somebody already had this issue?
taxilian 10:07 Dyblast: did you compile it 64 bit only?
that's the most common cause of that issue
Dyblast 10:07 Yes i have start chrome with "--debug-plugin-loading" wrong arch ...
taxilian 10:07 that would do it
frank____ 12:07 We are new to fire breath and struggling in lots of dependencies to DLL's on different machines. Are there any experiences? Or is there a way to build fb for just one browser for testing purposes?
taxilian 13:07 they always come in during lunch...
and… wait for only a minute before leaving?
ominds 19:07 hello guys, I'm trying to run the plugin as early as possible (I'm guessing that's in the body) and to pass it some variables. Triggering the init method via javascript requires waiting for the DOM to finish loading which is too late for my purposes. I'm guessing that params are the best way but didn't find anything about params.
ominds 20:07 right, looking in the IRC log is very useful. So earliest possible to use the params would be inside the onPluginReady
ominds 20:07 what's the syntax for adding to the m_supportedParamSet
I'm getting m_supportedParamSet was not declared in this scope
when compiling
ominds 21:07 ok, can't handle return of getParam, if I cast it with str::string() I get a compilation error. If I try to assign it directly to string I get error: conversion from ‘boost::optional<std::basic_string<char> >’ to non-scalar type ‘std::string {aka std::basic_string<char>}’ requested
ominds 22:07 ok, boils down to a couple of questions really
1. Do I need to declare my supported params? (I don't think so, but just double checking)
2. m_params["whatever"] is undefined.
std::string XYZ = getParam("whatever") is not working, casting std::string(getParam("whatever")) is not working either
all solved
taxilian 23:07 ominds: m_supportedParamSet is no longer needed
look at the examples/FBTestPlugin/test.html file for an example of using the already built-in onload param to be notified when the plugin is loaded