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ominds 10:07 I've compiled on MAC via xcode and it generated a folder myproject.plugin
FireBreathBot 10:07 ominds: 01:00Z <taxilian> tell ominds you should be fine treating it just like you would treat UTF8 in anything else. UTF8 is just like the normal encoding unless you have characters outside the normal range, and even that only matters if you're sending it to the browser
ominds 10:07 but it's not registering inside the chrome extension which seems to require a file
not a folder
any ideas on that?
taxilian 10:07 NPAPI plugins on macs are folders
bundles, technically
ominds 10:07 right, tried to use that in the chrome extension and it's not working. Both linux and windows are working fine. Let me try to recompile and test again just in case
taxilian 10:07 is the binary in there?
any errors in the build?
can you use the plugin as a plugin rather than as part of an extension?
ominds 10:07 rebuilt and it worked
taxilian 10:07 well there ya go =] glad I could, er, help
ominds 10:07 :)
I wonder how anybody could have written a plugin before firebreath
although compilation on the 3 platforms was something of a nightmare
taxilian 10:07 heh. you should try doing it without cmake
ominds 10:07 yeah, I bet!
it was just getting the 3 platforms up and running and setup correctly
vmware for max osx
and windows
taxilian 10:07 yep
well, there is a reason I decided to write FireBreath, and you've pretty well nailed it
sabotaged 11:07 anyone ever tried to access a firebreath plugin from a java applet? seems like java->javascript is possible according to oracle docs. not sure about callbacks
taxilian 11:07 sure haven't
sabotaged 11:07 hmm
kylehuff 15:07 not sure if this is what ominds is running into to or not, but IIRC, when using a plugin in chrome, it needs to be the first plugin referenced in the manifest
taxilian 15:07 sounds like he got it working, though
kylehuff 15:07 ah, I see now, I must have paged down 1 too many times.
taxilian 15:07 =]
Alyoshak 15:07 Using firebug to test a newly generated plugin. When I type plugin().valid firebug replies with a single word "undefined". about:plugins indicates the plugin has been loaded fine. I can't figure out where "undefined" is pointing me.
taxilian 15:07 what do you get when you type plugin()
Alyoshak 15:07 Taxilian, I'm trying to get you an answer. Thanks for replying. Be right there.
I got the following: <object id="plugin0" width="300" height="300" type="application/x-ailplugin">
that looks promising, right?
taxilian 15:07 unfortunately no
that means you're referencing the right object
but if .valid didn't work then the plugin did not actually load and instantiate
Alyoshak 16:07 Ok. Thx. So either something wrong with the html (unlikely, since I used the stock FBControl.htm) or else something wrong with the plugin itself?
taxilian 16:07 correct
I'd try building FBTestPlugin (run prep{version} examples and open from buildex/) and see if that works
Alyoshak 16:07 Does the fact that the "valid" property doesn't work suggest anything particular place to look for problems? I tried to find out where it would be set to non-zero, but couldn't find it.
taxilian 16:07 no, it just means that the plugin sin't there
but if you're detecting it, that means the file is in the right place and "installed"
Alyoshak 16:07 Wow. So Firefox *thinks* it is, but it really isn't?
taxilian 16:07 Firefox can get the metadata from the DLL without actually loading it
Alyoshak 16:07 Oh.
taxilian 16:07 could be missing a DLL, could be something else
might be crashing on startup
Alyoshak 16:07 How cd it get metadata fomr the dll if the dll is missing though?
taxilian 16:07 dll isn't missing
it just isn't loading
isn't executing
Alyoshak 16:07 Ok.
Well, I've got some things to look into and to try at least. Thx a lot.
Alyoshak 16:07 Ok, went and built the example plugin as you suggested and it registered fine with regsvr32.dll. I tried mine and it failed. regsvr32.dll no workie.
taxilian 16:07 ahh
most likely you're linking in an external library that requires a DLL
and it can't find the dll
Alyoshak 16:07 Dang you're good.
We are indeed linking to an external library.
taxilian 16:07 there is your issue
copying that DLL into the same folder as the DLL will likely resolve it, at least in most cases
Alyoshak 16:07 Ok, we'll that's enough of a lead for me. Let me make sure it's where it is supposed to be. Ok, excellent. Thx for the tip.
taxilian 16:07 good luck
gotta run now, cya