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ominds 10:07 hello all, I'm reading/writing from files. All seems ok except I'm worried about UTF8
I noticed a utf8 folder in 3rd party source code
so I was wondering if I should be handling reading/writing from files in some unique way
simplyCurious 18:07 does anybody have a simple html page that shows the usage of fb_installer.js? I have all the pluginDefs populated correctly and stepped thru it using firebug but no success so far. If some has the simple htm page that works with the provided sample FBTestPlugin it would be great. new to javascripting world.
taxilian 19:07 FireBreathBot: tell ominds you should be fine treating it just like you would treat UTF8 in anything else. UTF8 is just like the normal encoding unless you have characters outside the normal range, and even that only matters if you're sending it to the browser