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kylehuff 17:07 Hey taxilian, question for you; on a stackoverflow comment you said "Never never never set the mimetype on the object tag until after you inject it into the DOM.", I was wondering how dangerous that practice is? setting it after insertion creates some challenges for me
taxilian 18:07 kylehuff: it's pretty dangerous
particularly on IE
there are actually bugs open on FireBreath right now w/ IE9 that cause severe issues when you do that
kylehuff 18:07 I see. I am currently only doing so within a chrome extension, and the plugin is not public. maybe something I don't need to worry about?
taxilian 18:07 hmm. maybe. I would still avoid it
but why is it you can't add it to the dom and then set the content type?
kylehuff 18:07 for whatever reason, it doesn't seem to load the plugin right away when used in a chrome extension background page, and half the time it doesn't load at all, so methods just hang
taxilian 18:07 huh
that's rather odd
what about injecting it using HTML?
that's how I do it
kylehuff 18:07 I haven't tried that yet, doing that next
kylehuff 18:07 unrelated question, I don't see anything in the wiki about this; if I have some external static libs I am linking against that are located in my project dir, can I reference them in the platform projectDef.cmake file as just a relative path? i.e. set_property(TARGET assuan PROPERTY IMPORTED_LOCATION libs/libassuan/Darwin_x86_64-gcc/libassuan.a)
er, rather, set_property(TARGET assuan PROPERTY IMPORTED_LOCATION ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/libs/libassuan/Darwin_x86_64-gcc/libassuan.a)
taxilian 18:07 hmm. probably not
but you can use ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}
oh, didn't read the second line first
yeah, that should work
remember that current_source_dir will be the root of your porject, not the Win/ subdirectory, etc
kylehuff 18:07 okay, thats perfect, thanks!