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ominds 06:07 some of my code depends on platform, I can detect all platforms except for mac. I do that by reading env variables
does this sound like the right way to handle it?
also, is there some env variable unique to mac that I can depend on?
ch 07:07 you know the platform you're building for during build time
so that should not be a problem ;)
ominds 07:07 ah... right. But it's still great to maintain one copy of the code. I read somewhere I should be able to pass a variable during compile time so I can do macro ifdef statements
but not sure how that's done
I'll try to check some cmake tuts
FireBreathBot 07:07 Commit 3dd622e on FB-177 by dougma: "fix for FIREBREATH-177 part 2
dougma 07:07 nice one FireBreathBot!
taxilian 10:07 dougma: I'm not 100% certain that fix won't break other things
ominds 15:07 Got into bump when I tried to create a directory with boost in my plugin, here's the output
could someone take a quick peak at it? Error doesn't seem to give any hints (not human readable at least)
seems to be a problem with boost, but boost is what I'm getting when I init the submodule
so... help? :D
EL45 16:07 I know you can get the path to your dll using m_filesystemPath within the plugin class, But does anyone know how I could get the path outside of the class (ie from within StaticInitialize())?
taxilian 16:07 ominds: is this on linux?
ominds 16:07 yup
taxilian 16:07 el45: you'd have to write the code out yourself
ominds: it looks to me like you're getting a linker error
ominds 16:07 but I don't have any other boost versions installed
taxilian 16:07 did you add the boost library in your PluginConfig?
el45: there is no cross platform way to do what you want, but if you look at where m_filesystemPath is set you can copy that ocde and use it
ominds 16:07 inside PluginConfig.cmake file?
taxilian 16:07 yes
try adding
in your PluginConfig.cmake
and then rerun the prep script
ominds 16:07 right
worked like a charm
taxilian 16:07 good
ominds 16:07 I did man cmake and didn't even find add_boost_library
Trying my best to get my head around all this and not bother you
taxilian 16:07 it's a macro added inside the FireBreath cmake directory
it's not built-in to cmake
just a convenience function
ominds 16:07 right, a very convenient one at that
any other packages I should add to read/write to files in utf8?
taxilian 16:07 not that I know of
ominds 16:07 thanks a million, could have googled for eternity and wouldn't have found this single line of code
taxilian 16:07 .lmgt firebreath boost library
FireBreathBot 16:07 Let me google that for you:
ominds 16:07 looooooooooool
great, then it's reading time for me
taxilian 16:07 ;-)
ominds 16:07 thanks again, night (+3 GMT)
taxilian 16:07 g'night =]
dougma 18:07 taxilian: I wasn't aware that inplaceactivate might be called multiply; will revisit (again)