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keechi 00:06 how to make the signture to my dll?
everybody know?
ominds 09:06 hello all, I've followed the mac video tut and changed thins slightly for linux (ubuntu 12.04). Seems everything is dandy. Excuse my quite newb questions because I'm a web dev, not an app dev, so my questions may be quite naive
after finishing the build, what app should I use to load it up in an editor
and how do I go about compiling the plugin
ominds 11:06 ok, so I found the missing pieces in the wiki
I run make, but now I'm getting this error
FlashFirebug.h:24:5: note: candidate expects 0 arguments, 2 provided
and these are the lines in question (I believe)
class FlashFirebugAPI : public FB::JSAPIAuto
~FlashFirebugAPI() {};
ominds 11:06 ok, fixed that
ominds 14:06 I'm trying to include Python.h in the header of MyPlugin.cpp, keep getting "No such file or directory", installed python-dev on debian but same same
johannes 16:06 well, your include path is missingfrom the CXXFLAGS (C++ compiler flags) ... need to configure cmake to add the right path, that's more a CMake than a firereath question (I know too little about CMake to do it properly from top of my head ...)
ominds 16:06 What I did was set CPATH=/usr/includes/python3.2
error went away and I got a new bag of worms
FlashFirebugAPI.cpp:(.text+0x13): undefined reference to `Py_Initialize'
FlashFirebugAPI.cpp:(.text+0x18): undefined reference to `Py_IsInitialized'
johannes 16:06 then you're not linking the lib
ominds 16:06 for someone who hasn't touched non-web stuff in a while, can you explain that a bit?
right... static library or something. That should be in the same package python-dev
johannes 16:06 you need -lpython3.2 or such in your linker flags, so is pulled in (assuming that's the filename, onlyhave 2.6 on my system right now)
how to do that in CMake,I'd have tolook up
and no, not necessarilly static,dynamic linking is fine, but the system has to be told that stuff is needed
ominds 16:06 in my build I'm calling make, so it would probably have to be modified in the Makefile?
can't believe I'll have to do this in every other OS
johannes: in man, under commands, it has add_library, but where do I put this in my project?