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adriancrco 01:06 i am having problems logging in to the forum. Jira and Confluence work fine but the DjangoBB login fails with 404 not found with a POST to
hu 02:06 hello,everyone
JSAPI "FB_JSAPI_EVENT" how to process std::vector<std::wstring>
reichi 02:06 convert it to a variant list
when passing to javascript
an from a variant list when passing it in from javascript
jshanab__ 11:06 I forgot how to determine the installed directory from within my plugin. I nned to load a cursor file and the system requreis an absolute path
taxilian 11:06 installed directory? you mean the location of the plugin file?
jshanab__ 11:06 yup
taxilian 11:06 check tips and tricks
jshanab__ 11:06 tahnks!
Sheesh, 3 weeks of iOS development and I forgot that part of the plugin.
taxilian 12:06 lol
jshanab__ 12:06 OMG. You should see the conversations on the iphonedev irc. A very religous sect of the development community. Surprizingly more devote than the most MS people you know.
taxilian 12:06 =]
jshanab__ 12:06 what to do when getFilesystemPath returns an empty string?
taxilian 12:06 panic? debug?
I don't know, I've never seen that happen =]
jshanab__ 12:06 I think i know why...
jshanab__ 12:06 Co-worker put it in the CTOR , We moved it to onPluginReady :-)
taxilian 12:06 that would do it
PrairieEagle 14:06 Hello, anyone here? I want to remake an old XPCOM plugin so it's cross-browser, but I'm having a little trouble figuring out what I should attempt to do.
taxilian 15:06 PrairieEagle: do you have a specific question?
PrairieEagle 15:06 hmmm...I just found out that I might not actually need to use NPAPI...
that's 3 hours of setup down the drain.
thanks anyway.