IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2012-06-24

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bencc 16:06 is firebreath an higher level api to build npapi plugins?
is it simpler?
taxilian 16:06 it's an abstraction
and yes, it's much simpler
that also allows you to run on IE as an activex control
bencc 16:06 taxilian: what about win8 metro?
taxilian 16:06 metro doesn't support activex controls
but win8 desktop does
bencc 16:06 cool
taxilian 16:06 in other words, metro doesn't, but ie does
bencc 16:06 is there a vnc plugin implemented?
taxilian 16:06 not in firebreath that I am aware of
bencc 16:06 can I cross compile the plugin or do I have to build separately on mac/win/linux ?
taxilian 16:06 build separately
don't put the build dir in source control
use cmake to regenerate it on each platform