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chris7777 16:06 Anyone on?
johannes 16:06 always these impatient kids
taxilian 17:06 I love how fickle people on the 'net are. I have seen probably 10 other similar questions that nobody had a problem with, but mine since I made the mistake of implying that I expected that the answer would involve a library (like all the others do) got 3 close votes and downvoted a bunch of times. *rolls eyes*. One person decides to badmouth it and everyone else without actually thinking about it just follows suit...
johannes 17:06 look at imagemagick
taxilian 17:06 I guess I could try static linking it; was hoping for something more specific, 'cause ImageMagick is *huge*
oh, and I think it's GPL
oh, nope
might be worth checking
johannes 17:06 it isn't GPL ... I did it with the PHP wrapper, and PHP is GPL incompatile
hrm, neither see my code nor a documentation link right now
taxilian 17:06 it says it's the apache license on the website
johannes 17:06 so I don't have more pointers
taxilian 17:06 that's a good thought, though; if I statically linked it it might be small enough not to quadruple my plugin size (the .dll or convert binary would)
taxilian 17:06 mostly I'm just ticked off at people being so pedantic that they've downvoted my question to where it'll probably never get any useful answers despite the fact that I reworded it in accordance with their suggestions
johannes 17:06 I'e upvoted it a bit :-p
But well, it's the internet
and well, there are reasons faceook only does "like" not "not like" :-D (or Google +1 no -1, or ... ;-) )