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arrow1533 00:06 Hi
How to add two dll in single MSI using wix ....i found tha
add_wix_installer can help
but it is not working as expected / May be i am doing any mistake
skr 07:06 hi
Guest99948 07:06 lub
taxilian 09:06 g'morning all
reichi 09:06 (at 6pm) ;)
morning taxilian
taxilian 09:06 6pm? what? it's almost 10am. your clocks must be set wrong ;-)
kendo 14:06 hello
taxilian 14:06 hello
kendo 14:06 great... I tried to log into the forum but the login page is spewing code... doesn't work. can anyone here help?
taxilian 14:06 probably. I haven't had a chance to fix the forum yet; TBH I'm almost tempted not to. stackoverflow is a much better place to ask questions than the forum anyway
kendo 14:06 Ok. My problem is that I have read through the documentation, watched 3 videos and sifted through the forum posts but.... I still don't understand how to set the OCX to emulate.
taxilian 14:06 ahh, I haven't had a chance to respond to your mailing list email
to be honest, I'm not sure how to respond
what do you mean set the OCX to emulate? FireBreath is a plugin framework, not an activex wrapper
what are you trying to do?
kendo 14:06 We have a media player and an OCX plugin for the media player. The OCX is created in VS 2008. Our coder had created a Mozilla DLL using Firebreath and given instructions for setting up Firebreath
But the eseentila instructons for including the resource/code to use is messing from everywhere that I looked
taxilian 14:06 so there is nothing in FireBreath itself that has anything to do with wrapping an OCX
thus it's impossible for us to tell you, at least not without looking at the full code, what needs to be done
that would all be in the plugin itself
kendo 14:06 ah, but wher to place that code?
taxilian 14:06 which code? the plugin directory?
a firebreath plugin can be placed wherever; just need to run the prep2008.cmd file that is in the root of firebreath with the path to the plugin directory as the first argument and the path to where the build directory should be created as the second argument
kendo 14:06 By "path to the plugin directory" you mean the folder containing the XS 2008 code?
taxilian 14:06 umm
I mean the path to the actual code for your plugin
it would have a CMakeLists.txt file and a PluginConfig.cmake file in it
if you have a directory with a .sln or .vcproj in it, those are disposable
those are created by the prep script
kendo 14:06 Can I do tye same thin form the GUI?
taxilian 14:06 no
once you run the prep script it will create the .sln file you need in the build directory
and then you can open that in visual studio
kendo 14:06 ok
Thanks. I'll have a play :-)
taxilian 14:06 good luck
nirvdrum 15:06 taxilian: Where'd you move to?
taxilian 15:06 a long long ways from where I started
almost a mile, in fact
nirvdrum 15:06 Back in Russia?
taxilian 15:06 no, just a mile from where I've been living for the last 3 years
just to a different house
still in American Fork, Utah
nirvdrum 15:06 Oh, so you weren't being deep :-P
Heh. And now that I look at the timestamp, your message about it being 10 AM was from 11:56 here.
It just turned 6 PM, so I'm all sorts of confused.
I guess that's my cue to eat dinner.
taxilian 16:06 lol
dinner is always good =]
EL45 16:06 I'm trying to statically link a dll. Everything is working fine in Debug mode. In Release mode however, everything compiles fine but crashes at runtime because it can't bind to the dll. Is there anything different about these two modes that should be causing this?
taxilian 16:06 you mean statically link a library that you were previously using as a DLL?
because you can't actually statically link a DLL =] DLLs are by nature dynamically linked
EL45 16:06 In linker->input added MyDll.lib
lol thats right
I gues im not sure.
taxilian 16:06 umm
linking to the .lib that goes with the DLL does not actually make it static
that's just how you normally link to a DLL
EL45 16:06 Ok.
taxilian 16:06 the .lib is a shim that is automatically built for using the .dll
you have to actually recompile the library as a static lib
EL45 16:06 Ok.. Do you know why it would work in Debug mode?
pwmckenna 16:06 I'm using FB::SimpleStreamHelper::AsyncGet and quite regularly the callback is not being called. Any ideas?
taxilian 16:06 EL45: I don't know. I can only guess that it is finding the DLL somewhere
pwmckenna: what browser?
EL45 16:06 Hmm ok. No worries.
taxilian 16:06 and which platform?
pwmckenna 16:06 chrome, with vs2008
i'm building off of firebreath-1.6
taxilian 16:06 hmm. nope, can't think of anything offhand; you could try setting some breakpoings in NpapiPlugin.cpp and see if you can see anything weird happening
pwmckenna_ 16:06 I've also tried to build using libcurl and gotten errors saying that I'm building with an older compiler than vs2008 not recent enough?
taxilian 16:06 actually libcurl was built with vs2010
but you could just build it yourself if you want
pwmckenna 16:06 has anyone seen this when running prep2010.cmd?
1>C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Platforms\Win32\Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.Targets(1 ,5): error MSB6001: Invalid command line switch for "CL.exe". Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'TMP' Key being added: 'tmp' ========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
taxilian 16:06 hmm. doesn't look familiar
try deleting your build directory and rerunning prep
pwmckenna 16:06 i get the same problem
is there a very of libcurl build with vs2008?
taxilian 17:06 no
I don't support the libcurl library in there anymore
because I don't use it
you're welcome to build it yourself, however
pwmckenna 17:06 i think that's probably over my head unfortunately
i can't even get prep2010 to work after all :)
taxilian 17:06 well, do you have vs2010 installed?
pwmckenna 17:06 i do
vs2008 too, and i'm concerned they're not playing nice together
taxilian 17:06 and did you delete the build directory entirely?
pwmckenna 17:06 yup
taxilian 17:06 I have both installed on my machine; as long as you install vs2008 first it should work fine
pwmckenna 17:06 that's the order that i installed in as well
what is the TMP key its trying to add?
taxilian 17:06 no idea