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ch 00:06 is it in about:plugins?
Binbo 01:06 ch: yes it is
josil 03:06 hello !
is anyone here ?
Ok, I have a problem. I have created a plugin that deals with a mime type x-something/something. When an object with this type is inside a div with the property display:none, le plugin is not loaded. Is there a way to handle the object anyway ?
Thank in advance !
reichi 03:06 no
that's handled/controlled by the browser
at least from what i know
i guess you're referring to webkit?
afaik webkit does it that way
josil 03:06 Oh....Ok that's not cool at all. I'm working with the native browser of the Galaxy Tab, so I guess I'm stuck..
Thank you for your answer
reichi 03:06 well you could wait for taxilian
maybe i am wrong
but I'm certain I've read about that (it me affect me too, but i can patch the browser ;))
josil 03:06 ^^, have you rebuild webkit ?
I did it for a keycode problem a year ago. It was so annoying...
reichi 04:06 I am on an embedded platform
and we do provide the firmware
i am free ;)
but ye
compiling webkit is painful
i takes forever
josil 04:06 yep so true
Josil 07:06 Hi again
Reichi, I have found a doc create by Samsung that tells not to use display:none param for object because webkit-based web renderer would ignore the object and so the plugin would not load
So I pissed off....
HBQest 07:06 hello
Josil 07:06 hello
reichi 07:06 Josil: yeah that's what i was talking about :)
taxilian 08:06 good morning
yeah, display:none is a bad idea for plugins
even visibility:hidden causes some issues
I set height/width to 1
to hide
reichi 08:06 the hbbtv specification actually mentions that case
and that it should not cause the browser to unload or not load the plugin at all
my current solution is more of a hack though...
HBQest 08:06 if I may be so bold, I'm having trouble getting a HWND in windowless mode
I've read that that's impossible
so, how should I handle mouse input and such?
taxilian 08:06 HBQest that is correct; windowless mode you don't get a window =] you should get MouseEvents through firebreath just like in windowed mode, though
HBQest 08:06 I can try that, but, can I trap my mouse inside the windowless window?
taxilian 08:06 not as far as I know
but I could be wrong
if you need to trap the mouse you may want to use a windowed plugin
windowless is great because it participates in the DOM z-order, but otherwise windowed is better in most ways
HBQest 08:06 alright, thanks
I'm currently weighing the options, but I guess a windowed approach might be best
PauloMarcio 08:06 I'm facing a strange bug
when I entre and click to see me inbox it stuck
I know that has something to do with firebreath
tests with plugins that do not use firebreath does not stcuk
it seems that my plugin does not get freed
any ideas on how to find waht is going on?
taxilian 09:06 PauloMarcio what exactly makes you think that could be affected by a firebreath plugin?
and which firebreath plugin do you think would be affecting it?
EL45 10:06 Before I spend another week banging my head against the wall can anyone tell me if it is possible to use a managed .NET DLL assembly within the Firebreath environment? Specifically I am trying to use the library (
I know this is out of the scop of support for here, but I have been searching and can't seem to find any clear answers.
taxilian 10:06 it's probably possible; I don't have any idea how you'd go about doing it
EL45 11:06 Ok. Thanks.
taxilian 11:06 might want to make a pinvoke shim
EL45 11:06 Do you know if I can compile Firebreath with C++/CLR? my first attempt failed.
taxilian 11:06 I have no idea
but if you make a pinvoke shim then you wouldn't have to
EL45 11:06 Ok. Thanks for the advice!
taxilian 11:06 you create a .net dll that exposes normal entrypoints that can be called from a non-clr app and it acts as a bridge
that's probably the easiest way
PauloMarcio 11:06 taxilian: I built an addon instanciate my plugin that does nothing and was created with firebreath
taxilian 11:06 PauloMarcio: firebreath plugins do not work as addons unless you specifically create an addon to put hte plugin in it
PauloMarcio 11:06 I did it
taxilian 11:06 okay; and you haven't changed any of the C++ code yet?
PauloMarcio 11:06 if I instanciate Java or Flash instead of my stub plugin the bug does not occur
yes, I haven't changed
taxilian 11:06 what mimetype does your plugin use?
PauloMarcio 11:06 if I change my PluginFactory method createPlugin to return NULL, the bug stops
taxilian 11:06 then the bug is not in your firebreath plugin; the bug is in your addon
PauloMarcio 11:06 I just instanciated the plugin, didn't use it
I'm confused cuz if I instanciate Java or Flash the bug does not occur
taxilian 11:06 well, without knowing a lot more about what you are doing with it, how you instantiate it, etc I couldn't begin to guess
however, nothing in what you've told me suggests that the issue is with the FireBreath plugin itself
PauloMarcio 11:06 I create an object tag with my plugin type
or the desired plugin type
if I set a timer and after X secs remove the tag (deinstanciating the plugin), the bug stops
would you be interested in testing it if I sent u and addon that does that?
taxilian 12:06 I really don't have time, I'm afraid. My primary comment would be that FireBreath plugins are not really intended to be injected into random websites; it's possible, I suppose, that something FB is doing is conflicting with something else on the page
I'd go through the startup code of the framework and possibly disable things and try to narrow down what is causing the interferance if you're absolutely certain that the issue isn't in your addon
PauloMarcio 12:06 I'm already doing that
well, tnx any way... if I find anything I'll let u know
and if you have an idea plz let me know, I really need solve this
*need to
taxilian 12:06 good luck
^NeilG^ 12:06 What is the bug anyway? You keep referring to "the bug" but I didn't see you explain what "the bug" was?
PauloMarcio 12:06 when you login into hotmail
in your dashboard, the main page, you have a few ways to go to your inbox
one of these ways stops working
an specific <a> link
below "Hotmail highlighs"
taxilian 12:06 are there any errors in the javascript console?
PauloMarcio 12:06 the link "Go to inbox" does not work
^NeilG^ 12:06 Have you looked at the code for the URL to see if it calls JS?
Because that would be an obvious candidate to look at first
PauloMarcio 12:06 no error in the js console
it's the main URL
if I instanciate my plugin in the main frame, the bug occurs... anything different that the bug does NOT occurs
I'm trying to reproduce without an addon (using chrome now)
^NeilG^ 12:06 My guess is that a JS function being exposed by the plugin conflicts with a JS function in the HTML
taxilian 12:06 the plugin only actually creates one function in the window
and that involves a random id
so that's pretty unlikley
^NeilG^ 12:06 Then I'm out of obvious things to look at. :)
taxilian 12:06 it could be, though, that hotmail is looking through the dom for object tags and expecting that if there are any it'll be iether flash or java, which is a reasonable assumption usually
PauloMarcio 12:06 hum... I'll take a look
taxilian 12:06 fact of the matter is that it's their page and they could be doing absolutely anything; it might not be such a great idea to start injecting plugins into it
don't you have another DOM that is add-on specific that you could put it in instead?
PauloMarcio 12:06 do you mean use pure DOM instead of my plugin?
taxilian 12:06 I mean don't put your plugin inside the page
I don't know what other options there are
seems like someone told me that an addon has it's own little "page" like thing where you could put it
but I odn't know
I don't do extensions
^NeilG^ 12:06 Have you tried doing this on any page that isn't Hotmail? That would narrow down the problem.
PauloMarcio 12:06 the bug just happen inside hotmail (so far)
dodo 12:06 hello, am trying to get the logging in FB working. i have followed the instructions here: and am calling FBLOG_INFO("verbose", "Stuff did not break yet!"); in my function but it does not show up in the browser console. any ideas why?
ch 12:06 with console you mean the browsers stdout, yes?
dodo 12:06 am using chrome on windows for example. i expect to see it in the console window (F12)
is this where is should be looking?
ch 12:06 no
dodo 12:06 ok, so where?
ch 12:06 not sure if theres a stdout attached to a browser process on windows
you'll probably need to add a file logger
dodo 12:06 maybe taxilian will know?
dodo 12:06 do you know when the void getLoggingMethods( FB::Log::LogMethodList& outMethods ) function gets called?
i defined a file logger as well and it does not write anything to the file
anyone out there?
dodo 13:06 any one know where FB::Log::LogMethod_Console on winsows logs to?
any one know where FB::Log::LogMethod_Console on windows logs to?
taxilian 13:06 yes
it logs to the debug console
easiest way to see it is to attach a debugger
dodo: there are other apps that will let you see those logs, but I can't remember which ones I found offhand right now
htroyack 13:06 like sysinternals debugview
taxilian 13:06 hmm. possible, yes
htroyack 13:06 I guess FB uses log4cpp at windows, which in turns calls OutputDebugString that can be seen with DebugView perhaps after setting "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Debug Print Filter" according to
taxilian 13:06 sounds right to me
dodo 13:06 so it is not the browser's console window
taxilian 13:06 correct
m_host->htmlLog will log to that console window, but I wouldn't recommend using that in production
dodo 13:06 why not it production?
taxilian 13:06 because it has significant performance problems
dodo 13:06 can you enable / disable it. i want to use it only if customer has issues and i need to debug stuff on his browser
taxilian 13:06 you can do whatever you want =] it's C++
but there is nothing built-in
hmm. actually that may not be totally true...
that will disable it
setting to true enables it again
what'd'ya know
!wiki setEnableHtmlLog
FireBreathBot 13:06 1 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"class FB BrowserHost setEnableHtmlLog":
dodo 13:06 thanks
Valo 19:06 taxilian: my firebreath plugin works on chrome in one of my laptop and not works on chrome in another
i wonder why is that happened?
its in about:plugin but it seems like not detected
dougma 20:06 1) does it depend on any dlls? 2) debug the construction
oh, and 3) check the "Plug-ins" section of chrome://chrome/settings/content
Valo 20:06 dougma: ok i'll check on that =)
ironically, the laptop that the plugin doesnt works is the development lappy
dougma 20:06 development machines are notorious!
...for being totally whacked.
in my experience. :)
taxilian 21:06 lol
Valo 21:06 sorry for asking this newbie question: what do you mean by debug the construction?
dougma 21:06 make a simple test page, attach the debugger, set a breakpoint early in the plugin lifecycle and see if anything is going wrong from there.