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^NeilG^ 08:06 Hey, I have a question. Why did handling keyboard events get _worse_ a year ago under the changeset "Improved Cocoa key events"? I'm having to maintain my own fork because of this.
The problem being that m_character was gotten rid of. That may be all well and good - but only if there are known defines in FB to handle all the keys such as, say, a through z.
(This was only a problem because it appeared that the m_os_key_code was often 0 - maybe that's been fixed? I should try again...)
nirvdrum 08:06 ^NeilG^: Check with taxilian when he's around. Or amackera. I'd probably lead with a slightly less aggressive tone though :-P
taxilian 08:06 I'm here
and I welcome pull requests =]
^NeilG^ 08:06 I didn't think I sounded aggressive. That's entirely a problem with text-based chat. I wasn't trying to be! :)
nirvdrum 08:06 taxilian: Oops. I didn't see you up there.
^NeilG^: Yeah. I figured as much. But the emphasis on worse can be misconstrued :-/
taxilian 08:06 hehe. no worries; I just got back and I was eating a burrito, so I hadn't responded yet
reichi 08:06 mmh burrito
taxilian 08:06 fortunately Neil is an old friend around here so we take everything he says with a grain of salt and a roll of the eyes ;-)
reichi 08:06 (talking about something to eat wakes me up, usually)
taxilian 08:06 lol
glad you have your priorities in line… =]
^NeilG^ 08:06 It does appear to be a problem with Mac browsers and the Cocoa NPAPI though - it seems that not all browsers pass through the Cocoa key event so if you want keyboard events... you need the character
taxilian 08:06 nirvdrum: how is the mogotest stuff going these days?
reichi 08:06 well... my line is obviously not a priority :p
^NeilG^ 08:06 But that was removed a year ago. Clearly I'm on top of these things. ;)
Ha! Most people normally take what I have to say with a grain of salt and a roll of the eyes. Damnit!
taxilian 08:06 huh. That may have been me that removed the char; I remember updating some of the mac event handling. I probably thought we really didn't need it. I dunno. If you're certain we need it there, add it back in and send me a pull request
nirvdrum 08:06 taxilian: It keeps me busy. I'm not rich yet though :-P
taxilian 08:06 heh. busy is good, sometimes… does it keep you fed, though?
^NeilG^ 08:06 I can definitely see why you thought that. It seems logical to not need it. But apparently logic didn't come into the Mac NPAPI. ;)
taxilian 08:06 … which should surprise nobody =]
^NeilG^ 08:06 I'll have to add more logging to be sure - but I know that the last time I looked at this I *wanted* to rely on the key codes because I already had code to deal with those - but ended up having to rely on the character instead
nirvdrum 08:06 taxilian: Yeah, but still a small team. I need to do a better job marketing.
^NeilG^ 08:06 Who knows if later versions of the browser have improved this? I'd... hope so.
taxilian 08:06 no clue
nirvdrum 08:06 I think I'm going to need to try out Firebreath on a Win32 Safari plugin soon. That should be fun.
taxilian 08:06 it does work, theoretically; I haven't tested it much lately, though
^NeilG^ 08:06 That should be fine. I'm pretty sure I've tested our plugin on all the obvious Windows browsers
nirvdrum 08:06 Great to hear.
taxilian 10:06 dougma: good catch
FireBreathBot 11:06 Commit 2cadcd2 on master by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-174: Fixed bug in IE where object not retained"
Commit 4c262f0 on firebreath-1.7 by Anders Bach Madsen: "Updated npapi files from"
Commit b37582b on firebreath-1.7 by Richard Bateman: "Merge pull request #64 from vmware/4c262f061fab5c551af3d3dd1..."
Commit 27bde25 on firebreath-1.7 by Anders Bach Madsen: "Removing the deprecated calls to _dyld_get_image_header_cont..."
Commit 353dcaf on firebreath-1.7 by Anders Bach Madsen: "Added missing newline at the end of files. This is to make t..."
Commit 49d260c on firebreath-1.7 by Anders Bach Madsen: "The bufsize was saved to an unsigned int variable and then t..."
Commit 17b8a6b on firebreath-1.7 by doug mansell: "Pass along the 'res' parameter to fix problem where plugin w..."
Commit 2cadcd2 on firebreath-1.7 by Richard Bateman: "FIREBREATH-174: Fixed bug in IE where object not retained"
taxilian 11:06 dougma: that should fix the issue you caught