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dougma 07:06 3f458b94bd601b7fabdbf70bd94bd7fae22b7d5a
that commit, causing trouble with my plugin on IE
will test fbtestplugin
dougma 07:06 of course that may now be my bug highlighted by that change
not just me... fbtestplugin page falls over at plugin.createSimpleMath();
well, it falls over on the next line when it goes to use that math object
dougma 07:06 unfortunately, the analysis requires more time than i can muster right now.
taxilian 10:06 dougma: could you be more precise about what "causing trouble" and "falls over" means?
^NeilG^ 12:06 Hey all... It's been a while! :)
taxilian 12:06 wow
he lives
^NeilG^ 12:06 Only just but... ;)
How are things with you?
taxilian 12:06 not too bad. on a call right now, though
^NeilG^ 12:06 Well, when you get back I'd love your input on what you think this error is:
CMake Error at cmake/configure_template.cmake:81 (LIST):
taxilian 12:06 what version?
^NeilG^ 12:06 CMake Error at cmake/configure_template.cmake:81 (LIST): list index: 1 out of range (-1, 0) Call Stack (most recent call first): cmake/configure_template.cmake:119 (_configure_template_foreach) cmake/configure_template.cmake:139 (configure_template_force) cmake/CommonPluginConfig.cmake:128 (configure_template) cmake/common.cmake:58 (include) CMakeLists.txt:127 (add_firebreath_plugin)
Ugh. Latest from master
The "Ugh" is for the (lack of) formatting. :)
taxilian 12:06 multiple mimetypes?
^NeilG^ 12:06 Yes
taxilian 12:06 you're probably missing something
mismatch in the number of elements in one of hte lists
^NeilG^ 13:06 Just adding debug logging now to try and track it down
taxilian 13:06 pastebin your PluginConfig
^NeilG^ 13:06
It's failing in my Mac/bundle_template/Localized.r
taxilian 13:06 !findfile Localized.r
FireBreathBot 13:06 ValueError: Input must be serialised JSON. (file "/home/richard/phenny/", line 68, in json)
taxilian 13:06 grr. wonder what that is all about; github's api changed?
ch 13:06 github api v1, v2 have been turned off AFAIK
taxilian 13:06 ahh. maybe need to update firebreathbot, then
^NeilG^ 13:06 Yeah, they changed their API this week... apparently without telling anybody first
I follow enough people on Twitter to have seen complaints. :)
taxilian 13:06 hmm. ^NielG^ no idea
^NeilG^ 13:06 I think I might know, one second...
Nope, wrong
The FB test plugin has @@foreach and @@endforeach and mine had just one @
...but it wasn't that.
^NeilG^ 13:06 Well, I just created an entirely new project with just one MIME type. It also died in exactly the same spot...
taxilian 13:06 ...
similar text?
I don't see anything in the text that would cause an issue, though
what version of cmake are you using?
^NeilG^ 13:06 Generating /tmp/sandstone.T8un52SJ/sandstone/plugin/build/projects/SandstonePlayer/bundle/English.lproj/Localized.rsrc -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! CMake failed. Please check error messages
taxilian 13:06 hmm
did you try yelling at it?
^NeilG^ 13:06 Not yet - I'm working up to it ;)
Okay, it's something in 1.7 because it's fine on 1.6
^NeilG^ 13:06 Okay, you know the generated config.h?
Where does it get the data from to build the defines such as FBSTRING_PluginDescription0?
^NeilG^ 14:06 Aha! Fixed it
Well, CMake doesn't fail anymore anyway
^NeilG^ 14:06 if (${CUR_SRC} STREQUAL "" OR ${CUR_SRC_LEN} LESS ${i}) becomes if (${CUR_SRC} STREQUAL "" OR ${CUR_SRC_LEN} LESS ${i} OR ${CUR_SRC_LEN} EQUAL 1)
in configure_template.cmake