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Dyblast 01:06 i have quickly try yesterday … it seems to work
Dyblast 01:06 tried
FireBreathBot 06:06 JIRA issue issue created by utkarshkhokhar
FireBreathBot 08:06 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "Could you please explain exactly what you did to produce this crash?"
JIRA issue issue commented by richard "Also, I don't understand your last statement; "The process just gets stuck and doesn't move ahead..."
JIRA issue issue commented by utkarshkhokhar "That's a mystery. This issue isn't easy to reproduce, but it seems that it often gets reproduced ..."
prasad 08:06 Hi,, we just built firebreath plugin using RelWithDebInfo option using visual studio 2010.
It worked fine on many of the machines
but doesn't work on few of the machines
FireBreathBot 08:06 JIRA issue issue commented by utkarshkhokhar "The process gets stuck because of the below error from console.
prasad 08:06 we can see plugin loaded
Sorry not loaded
We can see plugin installed
browser also shows it in addons
but when we create plugin objects... those are not getting created
no idea what is happening.
plugin built with Debug options work fine on all browsers
Anyone knows what might be happening? or can give me some pointers?
taxilian 08:06 most likely you're missing a DLL
hmm; though if it works on those same machines when built as debug that may not be it
prasad 08:06 Using dependency walker I loaded both the dlls working and not working
and it shows me exact same warnings there
I don't see any extra errors/warnings there
taxilian 09:06 you're certain it works on those same computers when built as debug?
prasad 09:06 yes
taxilian 09:06 huh
I really don't know, then
prasad 09:06 ohh okay...and thanks for replying
taxilian 09:06 sorry
are you using any unusual prep options?
system boost, etc?
prasad 09:06 prep2010.cmd ..\..\plugin "-DVERBOSE=5" "-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo"
this is the option I am using
taxilian 09:06 … why are you using CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE?
you should only ever need that on linux
prasad 09:06 We would like to have a realease build on windows machine
taxilian 09:06 sure
so set the mode to relwithdebinfo when you build in visual studio
you don't have to change anything on the prep script command line to do that
prasad 09:06 Hmmm we thought doing this will create solution file with this option
taxilian 09:06 all solution files created with cmake have that option
prasad 09:06 and and also will take of any other dependencies if needed
taxilian 09:06 at best it should do nothing
at worst it may be the cause of your issue
letruffle 09:06 when trying to compile the project depthjs in my mac xcode gives me back .h not found, i was wondering why?
prasad 09:06 hmm okay... I can try that also
I will try it and reply back
taxilian 09:06 also truy deleting the build dir entirely
before you rerun the prep script
sometimes you get weird stuff in there and clearing it out is the easiest way to fix it
prasad 09:06 yaa.... we have faced those... I will do it
prasad 09:06 @taxilian: I tried
didn't help
still same issue
taxilian 09:06 hmm
are you linking in any special libraries?
prasad 09:06 interesting thing is (with previous plugins too) it works on few machines but on all machines
taxilian 09:06 do those libraries require DLLs?
prasad 09:06 not special as such
but we create dll with our own code
and link that with firebreath
taxilian 09:06 meaning you use LoadLibrary instead of linking in a .oib?
prasad 09:06 one min let me check
We have some prebuilt libs we link with firebreath solution
taxilian 10:06 and they require DLLs?
prasad 10:06 I believe no
taxilian 10:06 so what sometimes happens is that the search path for those DLLs doesn't work correctly on some computers
that is one of the biggest reasons that FireBreath uses a static runtime by default and tries to avoid using any DLL dependencies
so basically you may be missing DLLs even though you aren't really missing the DLLs
you can sometimes get around this by delay loading those DLLs and setting the DLL search path with SetDllDirectory (
if that is the problem
prasad 10:06 One second... there are few prebuild libs
taxilian 10:06 you're generally better off statically linking if you build the libs yourself
prasad 10:06 while building firebreath we link all those together and firebreath solution generates one final .dll
taxilian 10:06 so you statically link them?
prasad 10:06 yes
taxilian 10:06 okay, that isn't it,t hen
prasad 10:06 ya
taxilian 10:06 I'm out of ideas for now, I'm afraid
prasad 10:06 No issues... thank you very much for your help... I will try out few more things
I will update if found something interesting
taxilian 14:06 can ya'll still get to
I just changed servers
taxilian 16:06 new improved Git integration on
reichi 16:06 let me try :)
taxilian 16:06 in other news, confluence and jira have been moved to a new server for an example of an issue with commits linked to it
and now I need to go try to re-organize my network infrastructure at home to make it a bit more reliable
be back later
reichi 16:06 looks good to me :)
i'm gonna go to bed now ;)
taxilian 16:06 awesome =] good night