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Dyblast1 00:06 taxilian_away: i have found the issue ...
taxilian_away: not enough memory ... :D
i have decreased the number of thread
Dyblast 08:06 Is it normal that multi mime not working on Mac Firefox on branch 1.6?
reichi 08:06 it's most certainly not normal
Dyblast 08:06 Sure … more rhetorical question
I haven't any information in "about:plugins" about type mime
Dyblast 09:06 Humm works on Linux/Windows Firefox/Chrome/IE but not in Mac
Dyblast 10:06 humh hum
taxilian 10:06 where did you put it on mac?
Dyblast 10:06 In correct path
i have the plugin in about:plugins
but no mime line
taxilian 10:06 hmm. check the generated .plist and see if anything looks off
Dyblast 10:06 <key>WebPluginDescription</key>
<string>Linphone Web Plugin
Linphone Web Video Plugin</string>
taxilian 10:06 Dyblast: use a pastebin
FireBreathBot 10:06 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
Dyblast 10:06 oups
taxilian 10:06 so if you only use a single mimetype does it work?
Dyblast 10:06 I have found the issue
if i replace <string>Linphone Web Plugin
Linphone Web Video Plugin</string>
by <string>Linphone Web Plugin</string>
it works
taxilian 10:06 hmm; how long ago did you run fbgen? recent or awhile ago?
Dyblast 10:06 version 1.6
i'm still on it