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Alex_I_ 02:06 found why. yet the plugin receives events, but only before some timeout, when "This video is currently unavailable." (HTML5_DEFAULT_FALLBACK) message appears.
venkatesh_ 06:06 hi..
i want to add icon if browser content contains phone number like skype
is it possible to do it?
reichi 06:06 you want a browser extension
not a npapi plugin
or at least not only
npapi plugins have to be loaded via DOM
venkatesh_ 06:06 can i got document related to that
jshanab 06:06 It seems that confusion extension vs plugin comes up a lot. "laoded via DOM" may miss with some people. Maybe we need to point out plugins handle items on a page acording to a mime type
reichi 06:06
taxillian wrote an excellent blog about that topic
go give it a read :)
venkatesh_ 06:06 ok thanks will read
jshanab 06:06 Maybe he could use the status bar of the browser. a plugin can put stuff there?
reichi 06:06 the probelm is
he has to load the plugin
and someone has to do that
as the webpage will only do it on itself if it's under your very control
one can implement almost all the functionality using firebreath
but you finally need at a elast a tiny browser extension to inject it into the dom
venkatesh_ 06:06 oh ok
jshanab 06:06 Oh, yeah, duh. (still working on that first cup of cofee) I forget these are not his pages.
reichi 06:06 yeah, at least it didn't soudl like that to me
venkatesh_ 06:06 i thought browser extension can work on speicific pages not for all the pages.
we are not suppose to add any code on the pages.. It automatically add icons if the page contains phone number
jshanab 06:06 It is definitly extension territory but how to find phone number on page. RegX search the text of the page? this will only work if it is part of static content. You will have to search the rendered text on the page. The icon comes after page is fully loaded.
venkatesh_ 06:06 oh ok thanks
let me see