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Feeling 02:05 hi~ all
CodeCompiler 03:05 Hi
Any mods here?
CodeCompiler 05:05 Anyone able to turn this system into a crossrider type system and if so how much?
johannes 05:05 crossrider is some javascript stuff, isn't it?
reichi 06:05 CodeCompiler: firebreath is a framework for npapi plugins
not for browser extensions
johannes 07:05 that convinced him, it seems :-p
Dyblast 12:05 Hi,
jshanab 13:05 Good Afternoon (or whatever depends on timezone)
taxilian 14:05 g'day ya'll
jshanab 15:05 I have VS2010 on my 64bit win7 machines but i am building a 32 bit plugin. When i installed this plugin on a 32bit xp machine it crashed at a certain spot. So i built from the same src repo just to debug and everthing works fine. Is it possible building on win7 can make it incompatible with winxp?
taxilian 15:05 hmm. I wouldn't think so
I build on a win7 box all the time, works fine
jshanab 15:05 I guess I have been doing that for a "few" months. I must of missed something. (Twilight zone music)
Feeling 18:05 hi all~
this question not about firebreath. i just curious.
does anybody know how to imeplement speech bubble control on c++?
taxilian 18:05 !find StopAutoInvalidate
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taxilian 18:05 !findfile PluginWindowMac
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Binbo 20:05 given I have var metas = document.getElementByTagName("META")
how to translate metas[1].content in firebreath
Binbo 20:05 figured it out =D
taxilian 23:05 Binbo: glad you figured it out
Binbo 23:05 taxilian: now learning to handle threads = =
taxilian 23:05 useful =] there are some resources on the tips and tricks page
Binbo 23:05 I got a thread that transmit packet every 2.5 seconds, using boost thread
need a proper way to handle it when page reloaded
taxilian 23:05 all calls made on a JSObjectPtr are automatically run on the main thread, but if you need to make a bunch of calls all together you may want to use CallOnMainThread or ScheduleOnMainThread (both methods of the browserhost)
Binbo 23:05 my problem is the thread causing the plugin crash during page reload. Then i use boost thread timed_join in API destructor
not crash anymore on firefox. but still not working in safari
taxilian 23:05 where does it crash? and which platform?
Binbo 23:05 windows. its all about my thread handling though
taxilian 23:05 most likely you're holding on to a pointer that goes away too soon. A couple of things you need to do to fix that: 1) make your thread stop *immediately* when it gets the shutdown notification so your join completes, and 2) use a weak_ptr instead of a shared_ptr for any plugin resources you're using so that you can check to see if they are still valid each iteration of your thread loop
have you caught the crash in a debugger?
Binbo 23:05 I dont know how to capture it
taxilian 23:05 !wiki debugging
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