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jshanab_lin 05:05 taxilian. in src/libs/curl/CMakeLists.txt you have the line "include (FindCurl)" I know on windows case of filenam,es does not matter, but on my linux it is "FindCURL" not "FindCurl" and that was my prep problem. How about you mac and other linux users out there?
ch 05:05 mac is case-insensitive
jshanab_lin 06:05 Wow, I would have guessed case-sensitive. Ok, then it is a *cough* bug.
jshanab_lin 07:05 How do I specify where the build directory goes, it went to a totally inappropriate spot on my linux prep
ch 07:05 iirc it just goes into $CWD
jshanab_lin 07:05 It went into the directory along side the prep script. it took that directory and not the PWD
ch 07:05 from my build script: ./firebreath-dev/ projects build/fb
first one is path to plugin source, second one is build dir target
works the same on windows
jshanab_lin 07:05 thanks. that directs it where I want it. Default on windows was fine but there is a pushd in prepmake and that changes the CWD the the script's dir.
Is it correct to say firebreath is primarily developed on mac and thouroghly tested on windows and linux has less dev time? Or is it windows->mac->linux?
ch 07:05 iirc tax has windows and mac plugins in production
jshanab_lin 07:05 Well, I hope to build on all three.
jshanab_lin 08:05 Anyone use kdevelop with firebreath generated project?
jshanab_lin 08:05 In windows opening the sln file finds everything even though the build is in a different directory than the src. This seemed to wrok in the mac also, but I cannot figure out how to do this in kdevelop. It almost looks like there is no equivilent to the sln created.
jshanab_lin 08:05 ch. you know how it put it in the wrong dir by default? kdevelop tries the same and is stuck because of it It apparently looks at the cmakelists file directly and not the makefile created.
jshanab_lin 08:05 ch. If I clear out the build dir, it says the build dir is c:/..... The last directory I built on my last windows machine. Where does this info get stored.
ch 08:05 CMakeCache or something?
jshanab_lin 08:05 That makes sense. looking for it. I need to use the system without calling prep, is that possible? I think there may be a few defines I need.
cannot find it
ch 08:05 I wouldn't know, I never check in autogenerated files
jshanab_lin 08:05 Ahha, found it, well when you jump between OS's and it accidently puts the cache in src control ....My bad... LOL
I made a mistake on the windows machine location of the build dir and I need to do what I just did and push it up a directory. It was partially a decision, to help those people who were at the time windows only
so FYI, if you use kdevelop, the prep is in kdevelop. No need to run the prep script. as a matter of fact, it confuses it.
but. it is not that simple, the env variables did not come thru. :-(
jshanab_lin 10:05 Anyone know how PluginConfig.cmake gets pulled in?
jshanab_lin 13:05 I am using FireBreath's boost it looks like but the build is trying to pull in stdint.h throwing a "Windows only" error when I build on linux. what am i missing?
mokha 14:05 hello
mokha 14:05 hello
i would like to ask if it is possible to use firebreath to develop a plugin which executes every time a user opens a website
and the url + the html content of the website will be sent to a c++ application on the client side
the c++ application will perform some algorithm to determine if this page is fake or no
ch 14:05 probably not
plugins run in the page context if the page requests the plugin
mokha 14:05 umm, is there anyway to do it?
reichi 14:05 browser extensions are meant to do stuff like that
one may combine npapi plugins with a browser extension
so you can build all the major functionality in the npapi plugin
and the browser extension would just be a tiny wrappe
mokha 14:05 so the extension will send the requests to the npapi plugin?
reichi 14:05 the extesion will add the npapi plugin to the dom
and then call the plugin
mokha 14:05 ah gotcha
but wouldn't this slow the browser ?
ch 14:05 likely.
mokha 14:05 ... then i have to do more research about this
because if plugins + extensions would slow this a lot
i would prefer to create the app as it analyses packets
mokha_ 14:05 sorry got disconnected
... then i have to do more research about this, because if plugins + extensions would slow this a lot
i would prefer to create the app as it analyses packets