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jshanab 09:05 a firebreath plugin is an "instance of" and attached to each oject tagged with the mime type. correct? If I created some static functions that could receive commands from a popped up window, can I send them to the child class of my choice. I am wondering if this would be a case of holding pointers to an interface in an aray by a plugin ID or if a message bus between the instances would be best.
On the subject of why hat are you trying to do....4 videos on the screen but I may change screens The popup would be a ptz controller and would ptz the camera selected or focused
Or...Is this best handled by another plugin with a differnt mime type and make a way my plugins can communicate with each other. Thru javascript?
taxilian 11:05 jshanab: I've been known to communicate between plugins by using a static array or map of weak_ptrs
it works fine
as long as you're careful
jshanab 11:05 taxillian. Thanks