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Feeling 00:05 my secondary thread
that started from PluginAPI class
taxilian 00:05 why would you send to send a message?
what are you trying to do?
Feeling 00:05 i try to display Modal dialog in workthread.
but faild if that has parent( PluginWindowWin::getHWND() ) on IE
and if that has no parent it's success.
so i will postmessage to PluginAPI class from workthread.
and display modal dialog from pluginAPI Class. i already know do not Modal Dialog in main thread.
i just try that.
taxilian 00:05 you could just use m_host->ScheduleOnMainThread
to have any arbitrary method get called on the main thread
Feeling 00:05 do you know why Modal Dialog failed in work thread just IE if that has parent?
taxilian 00:05 nope
no idea