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rcohn 09:05 Hi guys - If I want to make a plugin that is not selectable (ie, that can be embedded on an HTML page and not be selectable), yet have the plugin be capable of handling Windows messages, should I in fact be constructing a windowless plugin (using a PluginWindowlessWin object). The plugin needs to respond to custom windows messages from a service (which is why I thought I needed to implement as a windowed plugin). Thanks very much.
taxilian 09:05 what do you mean by selectable?
reichi 09:05 guys...if you ever come to the point where you thing "uhm, maybe i should simply extend webkit with that"
DON'T do it ;)
taxilian 09:05 lol
no comment
reichi 09:05 ;)
well basically the problem is that qtwebkit for embedded doesn't support npapi
with a little hack you can use it for guiless stuff though
rcohn 09:05 If the plugin is configured using an <object> tag, It can be selected with a mouse click and I see a blue selected region, and takes up room on the page. I can do a trick like hiding the plugin under a canvas, which works, but it's sort of a hack. I would like to just add the plugin and not have to worry about where it's positioned, or it's size.
taxilian 09:05 rcohn: AFAIK the participation of a plugin in the page selection process is neither optional nor controllable by the plugin itself
there may be a way, but I don't know what it is
rcohn 09:05 So, it sounds like creating a windowless plugin is not really the answer here?
reichi 09:05 what's the reason for this (desired) approach?
maybe you're just heading the wrong direction ;)
taxilian 09:05 rcohn: all other things being equal, windowless is generally better than windowed because it can participate in the DOM zindexing
but it won't affect the issue you're worried about
rcohn 09:05 OK. I'll do some experimenting. I didn't want to go down that road unless there was some good reason, but at least I can learn something about windowless plugins. Thanks again. You guys are doing a great job!
jshanab_lin 17:05 While looking for the description of windowed vs windowless plugins (which i still haven't found) I ran acros mention of HTTPService. What is that exactly?
taxilian 17:05 HTTPService is basically an embedded web server
jshanab_lin 17:05 That is what it sounds like, but I assume then it serves on a defined port and their must be a firewall rule to get to it?
taxilian 17:05 nope
by default it binds to localhost on a random port
so you don't need any firewall rules
jshanab_lin 17:05 But how (or what for) is it then used?
Web services to a local process? or to the web site you got the page from? or plugin to plugin? I am confused
taxilian 17:05 well, what I was using it for was to generate thumbnails of images and then request the image from the page
the one issue we had with it is that on IE when the page is in HTTPS you get a warning because the embedded web server *isn't* https
it also gives you an alternate interface to talk to the plugin; you could use JSONP, etc
jshanab_lin 17:05 Interesting. !
taxilian 17:05 it was contributed by facebook
jshanab_lin 17:05 ok, cool. Back to my search for windowed vs windowless.
Feeling 18:05 hi~ g'morning
taxilian 18:05 g'morning =]
jshanab_wcw: what do you want to know about windows vs windowless?
Feeling 18:05 taxilian: does main project has no any precompiled header? right?
taxilian 18:05 main project? you mean your plugin project?
Feeling 18:05 yes
taxilian 18:05 not by default, no
you can create one
Feeling 18:05 sometime i confuse that because all project has own precompiled header =]. thanks for answer
Feeling 20:05 should i change cmake file if i add precompiled header to plugin project?
taxilian 20:05 you would have to, yes
!wiki precompiled header
FireBreathBot 20:05 4 results found. Note: Results limited to 8
"FireBreath 1.6.0RC1 Released!":
"Tips and Tricks":
"Version History":
"Boost survey results":
taxilian 20:05 looks like there is some info on setting up the pch in the tips and tricks
Feeling 20:05 looks like difficult for me. =] ok i will try.
Feeling 20:05 one more question. what does mining of SOURCE_GROUP("3 PCH files" FILES ${PCH})?
taxilian 20:05 huh?
I don't understand
Feeling 20:05 meaning... = mining;;
taxilian 20:05 source_group just creates filters in the IDE
Feeling 20:05 ahh..
taxilian 20:05 ahh. "what is the meaning of"
Feeling 20:05 ye
taxilian 20:05 or "what does this mean: "
Feeling 20:05 what does this mean.
taxilian 20:05 as I said above: source_group just creates filters in the IDE
they look like folders in the project
in visual studio
Feeling 20:05 ah i understand that. just create pch filter and added stdafx* files.
i'm newbie to cmake sorry for stupid question.
taxilian 20:05 gotta learn sometime
JumuFENG 20:05 i need to create new threads。how could i do that?
taxilian 20:05 use boost::thread
for an example, look at the async javascript requests blog post on colonelpanic, linked to from the tips and tricks page