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StamEhad 00:05 Hi! my gen/ folder is missing after running (and also after running prep). I'm on Windows. What am I doing wrong?
dougma 01:05 what is the gen/ folder?
StamEhad 05:05 According to the tutorials and video there should be a /gen/ folder where FBControl.htm resides where I can check my plugin.
StamEhad 07:05 Found it inside the build/projects/Proj/gen folder. Thanks.
taxilian 09:05 FireBreathBot: tell stamehad the gen/ folder has nothing to do with, it is created by the prep script and would be under build/projects/<your project>/
FireBreathBot 09:05 taxilian: I'll pass that on when stamehad is around.
jshanab 09:05 Am I missing any options for diplaying video. Does the browser provide cross platform access to graphics and stuff? I am trying to use SDL or SFML and haveing some issues as they expect to be the main loop in a single process.
FireBreathBot 09:05 jshanab: 03 Feb 05:42Z <taxilian> tell jshanab np_macmain.cpp no longer needs to be in your project
taxilian 09:05 lol
jshanab 09:05 Time travel
taxilian 09:05 what platform are you talking about?
jshanab 09:05 All. I was just wondering since browsers now have accelrated graphics if maybe they provide a set of platform agnostic functions to do video, kinda like sdl or sfml
taxilian 09:05 nope
though one is being discussed
it isn't implemented by anyone yet