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socek 01:05 when I compile plugin on Linux, this plugin will work only on linux, or on all platforms?
dougma 01:05 socek: linux only
socek 01:05 dougma: thx (:
socek 02:05 next question, is there posibility to choose which plugin to use, depending on which platform the browser is running?
or do I have to make 3 different plugins ?
ch 03:05 eh?
reichi 03:05 ah!
socek: you have to compile a plugin for each platform
socek 03:05 reichi: yes, I know it now, but in a plugin in chrome there is a javascript layer. Can I compile 3 plugins for 3 platforms, and make javascript code to decide which binar plugin to choose ?
reichi 03:05 i think you don't understand
each os needs an installer
which is obviously os-specific
the plugin won't jump into the right folder on it's own
ch 03:05 or he wants an extension instead
not sure
reichi 03:05 possible
socek: you know that npapi plugins are not browser-extensions?
what you find in chrome at chrome://settings/extensions
is a completely different thing!
socek 04:05 ok, now I understand, thanks (;
reichi 04:05 npapi plugins have to be loaded via html
using the <object> or the <embed> tag
socek 04:05 yes
StamEhad 12:05 Hi All, I'm trying to build FB 1.6 on Windows with vs2008, and use external boost libs. I run prep2008.cmd <proj-dir> <build-dir> -DWITH_SYSTEM_BOOST=1 -DBOOST_ROOT:="%BOOST_DIR%" -DBoost_USE_STATIC_LIBS=on -DBoost_USE_STATIC_RUNTIME=on
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