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Hibernatus34 08:01 Hello, happy new year
I've installed WiX, followed the new video tutorial for Win32/VS2010, but i can't find the installer project. Might there be a bug in the prep script ?
jshanab 08:01 Happy new year.
Look closely at the output of your prep script, it probably is barking about not finding wix on your machine. It is not a fatal error to not have the installer so it does not stop. Do you have wix installed on the box ? :-)
Hibernatus34 08:01 Yes, and the "WIX" environment variable is defined. The prep script didn't tell anything about WiX (it's prep2010.cmd)
Hibernatus34 08:01 If i add "-DVERBODE=1" i get : "WIX_ROOT_DIR=WIX_ROOT_DIR-NOTFOUND"
taxilian 08:01 g'morning
Hibernatus34: look at cmake/WIX.cmake to see where it looks for WiX
see if you can figure out why it isn't finding it
Hibernatus34 08:01 i'm currently trying to understand it :) but it's the first time i read cmake scripts :) I think it the FIND_PATH that didn't work, while WIX_POSSIBLE_ROOT_DIRS contains the good path
er... what is FIND_PATH ? A standard function ?
taxilian 08:01 cmake is a bit weird sometimes
Hibernatus34 08:01 thanks :)
taxilian 08:01 yw
Hibernatus34 08:01 Damn, can't find what made it work now :)
how do i re-download a file with git ? (yeah i don't even know git)
taxilian 09:01 you mean get the original version?
you check it out again
"git checkout <filename>"
Hibernatus34 09:01 thanks. BTW i've restored the original wix.cmake and it works. It's strange indeed. What seemed to have forced it to work the first time was that i manually added the path to WIX_POSSIBLE_ROOT_DIRS : "$ENV{ProgramFiles}/WiX Toolset v3.7". Very strange.
jshanab 09:01 Blame Microsoft. (I always do) but seriously they decided to start that "revision embedded in the path name" instead of a subdir and recursive directory search must become regex, hard to keep up with.
taxilian 09:01 Hibernatus34: before saying that you're sure it's working you may want to try deleting the build dir and starting over; it will cache that variable once it finds it
Hibernatus34 09:01 oh
taxilian 09:01 if you look at how the WIX env variable works you should be able to just set that, though
Hibernatus34 10:01 i resa
taxilian 10:01 keep in mind that after setting an env variable you might need to restart your command prompt (assuming you set it for real in your computer settings)
Hibernatus34 10:01 Where is that variable cached ?
taxilian 10:01 cmake caches it
in the build dir
the build dir is disposable
Hibernatus34 10:01 Oh, OK :)
i'm going to test is then.
doesn't work ! :)
and %WIX% is defined
taxilian 10:01 what is it defined to?
Hibernatus34 10:01 C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.7\
Maybe FIND_PATH doesn't like the trailing backslash ?
taxilian 10:01 I suppose it's possible, but it seems unlikely
Hibernatus34 10:01 yeah, that's it :)
taxilian 10:01 does C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.7\bin\candle.exe exist?
Hibernatus34 10:01 i've tried
taxilian 10:01 that was it?
Hibernatus34 10:01 yes
taxilian 10:01 interesting
well, good to know
Hibernatus34 10:01 i hope string management is easy in cmake ;)
taxilian 10:01 heh. well, depends on what you want to do
Hibernatus34 10:01 maybe this could be useful :
taxilian 10:01 that is often useful… but it depends on what you want to do =]
Hibernatus34 10:01 removing the trailing backslash from %WIX%
in wix.cmake
taxilian 10:01 ahh
yeah, you could probably use get_filename_component for that
however, given that this is a user-specified variable it seems easier to just document that the trailing slash shouldn't be there =]
since otherwise you'd have to check each env variable...
Hibernatus34 10:01 It was created by the WiX installer
taxilian 10:01 hmm. really? how annoying
what version of cmake?
Hibernatus34 10:01
but if you add "WiX Toolset v3.7" as a fallback path in wix.cmake it will work just as well... until version 3.8 :)
taxilian 10:01 hehe
I accept pull requests =]
Hibernatus34 10:01 I suppose a "pull request" mean i prepare a patch and ask you to apply it ?
taxilian 10:01 that works too
but the easiest way is to fork firebreath on github, push a fix, and then use github to submit a pull request
that way all I have to do is look at it, say "oh, that's a one line fix that won't break anything", and hit a button to pull it in
as opposed to actually applying it and testing it myself :-P
Hibernatus34 10:01 OK. I have to learn git someday.
taxilian 10:01 it's a great system
I've used all the major free ones (cvs, svn, bzr, mercurial/hg, git) and git is by far my fav
Hibernatus34 10:01 has anybody signed a plugin with a password protected certificate ?
signtool always tells me i gave a wrong password
taxilian 10:01 I have
and it works for me
Hibernatus34 10:01 i used makecert and pvk2pfx. When in makecert i type a password. When executing signtool with "/p password" i get an error.
Did you use something else ?
jshanab 10:01 I use a password protected cert. Each dev installs a password file in c:/ so it stays outside the source repo and the signtool command in the cmake is passed the c:/filename
Hibernatus34 10:01 i followed tutorials like this one :
Would you give me the command lines you used to build the certificate ?
jshanab 10:01 Our cert comes from a third party :-) ( Or it would be useless :-( )
Hibernatus34 10:01 Oh. I thought one could self sign and then the user chooses to trust or not
jshanab 10:01 The cert is tied to the domain it is for, so that the browser can confirm it comes from us.
Yes. It was decreed from management that our plugin should not trigger all that trust warnings, people might be scared off.
Hibernatus34 10:01 OK, but i was hopping that the warning would appear only once per user.
jshanab 10:01 The self-cert should allow you to test though. It has been a while since I did that so I do not remember my commands.
Hibernatus34 10:01 I guess i'll make it without password to begin with.
jshanab 10:01 RIght. Once per user per plugin. We had problems with IE. It silently fails and creates and infinite loop of installing the plugin.
Hibernatus34 10:01 scary
jshanab 10:01 I am not much of a Windows IT guy, It had something to do with the default UAC settings. Also the "corporate environment" profile used in offices.
taxilian 10:01 brb
jshanab 10:01 Battery dying. Off to charge/lunch
Hibernatus34 10:01 ah, just found out why the password didn't work. i forgot the -pi option in pvk2pfx
taxilian 10:01 heh
well glad you figured it out
Hibernatus34 10:01 what's confusing is that pvk2pfx didn"t complain and made a pfx file anyway
taxilian 10:01 well, I've never needed to go through those steps
Hibernatus34 10:01 how come ?
taxilian 10:01 each case where I've done signing someone else managed that part for me
Hibernatus34 10:01 ah :)
taxilian 10:01 well, in-laws are here. be back sometime later
Hibernatus34 16:01 Hi again
taxilian 17:01 g'morning