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jshanab_wcw 09:05 Good morning all. I have a cross plaform question or two
I have built my plugin and have it working on windows. Now it is time to try to build it on mac. But it uses 3rd party libraries and I want to make sure I get the include and lib part correct. On windows I have an env variable pointing to a lib folder and I have all the 3rd party libs I built, some are avail as system libs but I decided to have this pre-built snapshot for the developers....
...(all except system boost)
Then I include them all in my windows package. This gets around some windows issues with not knowing versions of dll's.
Do I do the same thing for a plugin on mac?
Do I leave them in system /usr/lib and /usr/include and then copy them to the package?
I need libavcodec,libcurl,sdl, etc
ch 09:05 no you copy all the libs you need into your plugin
and patch the loader paths
jshanab_wcw 09:05 ok. no a simpler question. Is three a 32 and 64bit in mac?
my macbook is 64bit but does anyone out there have a 32bit mac or do they run 32 bit browsers?
ch 09:05 you should ship 32 and 64bit
maybe you can get away with 32bit only
IIRC firefox runs as 32bits and needs a 32bit plugin, safari64 has a wrapper for 32bit plugins or something
jshanab_wcw 10:05 ok, thanks. I think I know now what Hell is for programmers. Write the same thing over and over in new platforms
iAmJohn 10:05 hi, is there a way to overcome this issue( in google chrome?
jshanab_wcw 11:05 So one of the 3rd party libraires I need offers two builds for mac. One results in standard linux .so in standard locations and the ther creates a framework for xcode. What is best way for plugin. keeping in mind I am already building on windows and there are lots of other libs that will not have this framework thingy
jshanab_wcw 12:05 can firebreath build 64 bit plugins?
ch 12:05 on mac yes
jshanab_wcw 12:05 ok. I saw WIN32 in some areas and it looks like on windows it can be an issue
ch 12:05 it's always win32, you know
jshanab_wcw 12:05 Yeah, even when it is 64 bit ;-)
I have a nasty bug. I am trying to use ${PLATFORM} in my cmake to reference the /win32 subdirectories in my packaging stuff. The ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND goes bizark and expands ${PLATFORM} as a list of cpp files, it looks like $SOURCES
ch. So I ambuilding libraries on the Mac while I rework the project dirs and noticed it builds 64 bit libs. Do you think i need to force 32bit builds of all included libs? How does mac handle that. I am very new to mac but have used Linux and Windows a lot. Linux does have emulation layers, but...
There seems to be only one prepmac script ;-)
ch 13:05 you might need to tell xcode to build both archs
but iirc prepmac from HEAD already does that
jshanab_wcw 13:05 ok, Just learning about fat binaries (universal) I just need my .so's to be compatible libavcodec,sdl, etc
ch 13:05 most likely you'll need to build them for both archs and merge with otool
charleso 14:05 hello