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anddy 00:05 hello
In opera,after calling NPN_GetValue(m_pNPInstance, NPNVWindowNPObject, &sWindowObj); all the member value of NPClass of sWindowObj is 0
is there anyboby telling me why
anddy 00:05 Calling NPError NPP_New(NPMIMEType pluginType, NPP instance,uint16_t mode,int16_t argc,char* argn[], char* argv[], NPSavedData* saved),why the member "ndata" value of instance is 0x00000001
socek 01:05 is there a way to get to know where our plugin is on a disk? so I can put external progrm in my plugin and execute it ?
taxilian 01:05 anddy: NPClass on the window object is really nothing that you should have to care about
that's an internal implementation detail
and thus it doesn't matter (to you) what it is
anddy: similarly the ndata value of the instance is basically considered "none of your business" as well
it's the browser's data — it has nothing to do with you at all, and it can be whatever the browser wants to make it
FireBreathBot 01:05 JIRA issue issue commented by richard "Please try with the latest version from "master" in the github repo. This sounds similar to a bu..."
FireBreathBot 02:05 JIRA issue issue commented by diorcety "Same behaviour on master"
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JIRA issue issue commented by diorcety "I have add an archive containing an example.
FireBreathBot 12:05 JIRA issue issue commented by diorcety "diff --git a/src/ScriptingCore/BrowserHost.cpp b/src/ScriptingCore/BrowserHost.cpp
ssdc 15:05 hey @taxillian, is this a good time?
i have a question around per machine installation
Feeling 20:05 hi~
taxilian 20:05 hello
Feeling 20:05 i had another question today =]
taxilian 20:05 okau
Feeling 20:05 i will use mfc in firebreath. so i delete dllmain and add CWinApp class.
that is no problem.
but, i should use the cwinapp class when i add the method or property
how to access the CWinApp class in PluginAuto Project? from myproject.
taxilian 20:05 ? what you are doing is not supported. what that means is "I don't have any idea and I'm not going to spend much energy thinking about it" =]
because it's likely to be a royal pain
Feeling 20:05 haha. i aready successed to use the mfc in firebreath.
taxilian 20:05 cool. you should write it up sometime so I can direct other people to your post when they ask me =]
Feeling 20:05 ok. but small problem is app class member need _AtlBaseModule.GetModuleInstance().
hum.. i can't explation more detail. Ok. anotehr quesiton.
how to acess CFireBreathWinModule in API Class?
taxilian 20:05 no idea
conventional firebreath reasoning says that it's a bad idea, so it's been more or less designed to prevent that
Feeling 20:05 hm.. could i use the _AtlBaseModule?
include <atlbase.h>
taxilian 20:05 I really have no idea
Feeling 20:05 hm. ok. thanks.
taxilian 20:05 sorry :-)