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socek 04:05 I have problem with add_firebreath_library(curl) -> prepmake says that "include could not find load file: FindCurl", I do not know what is this file and from where I can get it
system: ubuntu
ubuntu-server, I do not know which one
reichi 05:05 cat /etc/ubuntu-version
totally wrong ;)
cat /etc/debian_version
socek 05:05 squeeze/sid
but is it important ?
reichi 05:05 usually not but i have no clue about cmake ;)
or well
the environment may matter
socek 05:05 I have not clue what can be wrong with this, google says nothing :/
iAmJohn 12:05 Hi! Is there a way to reload the plugin without having to restart the web browser? (I am using OS X and chrome)
reichi 12:05 define "reload2
chrome loads new versions of a plugin on automatically
taxilian 12:05 iAmJohn there is no way to force it to unload the old one, no
iAmJohn 12:05 so, in order to get the last version of my plugin I have to restart the chrome everytime I compile a new version, is that right?
taxilian 12:05 correct
iAmJohn 12:05 thanks for your answers taxilian and reichi! :)
jshanab_wcw 13:05 Anyone here have SDL experiance, I am stuck and desperate to get my plugin working
johannes 14:05 jshanab_wcw: it's alway prefered to ask aprecise question oer asking to ask ...maybe somebody w/o SDL knowledge knows, wwhereas the one with SDL knowledge might not have had the problem ;-)
jshanab_wcw 15:05 I am trying to use SDL 2.0 and streaming textures to draw video on the screen in my plugin. I am succesfully drawing video and multiple videos but when I allow a dragging resize of the video in a popped up window the locktexture call succeeds but returns a bogus pointer and causes an access violation. It runs in a critical section and ther are only 2 lines between the lock rectangle and the...
...coping of data where the pointer is bad
I am using the debug crt and the pointers value is 0xcccccccc indicating that it has been freed