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Valo 06:05 i got link error
cannot open input file '..\..\fblibs\jsoncpp\Release\jsoncpp.lib'
but already include add_firebreath_library(jsoncpp)
nvmd got it worked =)
gargle 07:05 hi
someone had encountered on mac this error: "FB::Rect already defined"
FB 1.6, problem occur with the internal mac definition ( elem are in short on mac, and in int32_t on FB)
reichi 07:05 sounds like recursive inclusion for me
gargle 07:05 the problem occur since I add #include "AudioToolbox/AudioToolbox.h"
reichi 07:05 it's a typical problem and the reason why you usually add a #ifndef _some_include_h_
to every header
gargle 07:05 but i need it :/
reichi 07:05 because when it is included multiple times
it causes redefinition errors
gargle 07:05 the major problem it's Rect is a struct, and elements inside don't use the same signature
reichi 07:05 Rect is defined in ApiTypes.h
but there is a proper #ifdef to avoid redefinition
gargle 07:05 so it should work
reichi 07:05 I'm pretty certain your code causes the issue
FB::Rect is even in it's own namespace
gargle 07:05 i don't use Rect because i don't have any graphics
reichi 07:05 maybe there's an issue on Mac
is your FB up-to-date?
gargle 07:05 I use AudioToolbox to create a WAV file
yes, 1.6
reichi 07:05 i can't see why audiotoolbox would cause such an issue
really not
gargle 07:05 not the daily but the official
reichi 07:05 what's the full error
there must be a more than just "FB Rect already defined"
it's impossible to help with almost no information given
FireBreathBot 07:05 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
reichi 07:05 paste the full compiler-message there
and maybe wait for someone with Mac knowledge to assist
gargle 07:05 ok, it's compiling, i will show you asap
you can find the complete message here:
reichi 08:05 sorry
i'm of no help htere
i guess taxillian may be able to help you
gargle 08:05 ok, thank for your help
reichi 08:05 i suppose he'd be around soon (1h or so)
gargle 08:05 ok, i will wait
danzik17 11:05 are there any good ways to speed up returning a large std::string to JS or invoking a js function with it? i'm base64 encoding files and returning them ( either in full or in chunks ), but nothing i've tried has really affected the return speed - an ~8MB file when base64 encoded takes around 35 seconds to be returned or used as an argument to a function.
reichi 11:05 maybe there's a better approach to what you are trying to do?
danzik17 11:05 i'm all ears - ( essentially, i'm providing IE with what's equivalent to the File API available in Chrome/FF )
taxilian 11:05 danzik17: I dont' know of anything that will speed up passing a string
NPAPI simple isn't really equipped to deal with large binary data
danzik17 11:05 taxilian: ok, thanks
gargle 12:05 hi taxilian, do you have encountered an error with FB:Rect ?
taxilian 12:05 gargle: I haven't
what error in particular are you having?
gargle 12:05
a redifinition
on mac, Rect is composed of short, and in FB, it's int32_t
taxilian 12:05 why is Rect being imported into the global scope?
it's namespaced in FB so it shouldn't ever conflict
gargle 12:05 the error occur just after the include of streamHandler
I know, it's why I don't understand
I don't use graphic
hoho, i think i've found
i include #include "AudioToolbox/AudioToolbox.h" in the stream handler
and i did the include after all other include.
taxilian 12:05 in the stream handler? in your stream handler, I assume?
I have had that error before, but not from FireBreath
gargle 12:05 i move the include in the first position, and now it compile ... :$
yes, own stream handler
my, sorry
so, hummm, it's solved. Thanks :)
taxilian 12:05 gargle: glad I could, err, help
reichi 13:05 taxilian: now you scared him away!
so you have time to help me :p
just a very short question
where the hell does the mime-type magic happen?
i can't find where all thos MIMEType defines are being used
so either my git grep is broken
or you did something nasty there ;)
it's not that it doesn't work
I just hate to not "find" where something happens
Feeling 13:05 hi all
long time no see~
could i add some header file in precompiled_header.h?
taxilian 13:05 reichi: what specifically are you looking for?
reichi 13:05 cmage generates all those defines, right
taxilian 13:05 yes and no
reichi 13:05 how does the plugin tell the browser which mimetypes it supports
taxilian 13:05 depends on the platofrm
on windows, it's in the .rc file
reichi 13:05 linux
taxilian 13:05 on linux it's in NP_GetMimeType (or something similar)
!findfile np_x11main
FireBreathBot 13:05 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
taxilian 13:05
on mac it's in a plist file
reichi 13:05 that is funny
cos i wrote my own mp_myplatformmain.cpp
i obviously i didn't remember that part ;)
taxilian 13:05 heh
reichi 13:05 thank you :)
taxilian 13:05 yw
Feeling 13:05 taxilian: could i add some header file in precompiled_header.h?
taxilian 13:05 Feeling: why do you want to add something to precompiled header? and which one?
Feeling 13:05 afxwin.h
taxilian 13:05 … you know that there is one precompiled_header.h file for each project?
and that there isn't one for your project unless you added it?
and if you added it then you can do whatever you darn well want =]
Feeling 13:05 before, The firebreath 1.5 has no Error when i included afxwin.h but, 1.6 include windows.h in precompiled_header.h.. i guess =]
anyways, always thanks for anwser.
taxilian 13:05 I don't know
good luck
that really shouldn't happen, though
because your includes shoudn't affect firebreath includes
unless they are included from your file
in which case you should be able to fix the issue by fixing your include roder
Feeling 13:05 sure. you are right. so i asked the that question. thanks.
taxilian 13:05 yw
taxilian 15:05 what do you all think?
nobody going to comment on the image? *sigh*
nirvdrum_ 15:05 taxilian: Pretty slick. But the "a" kinda looks like an "o" on first blush.
taxilian 15:05 how 'bout
(I'm not sure what to do with these; the second is a possible option for a new logo, the first is just cool :-P)
nirvdrum_ 15:05 I like both.
reichi 16:05 the first one reminds me of diablo
(the game)
the second one looks cool for a logo
taxilian 16:05 hehe
kosher 16:05 alo
does fire breath still work with the Xcode project generation goodness?
taxilian 16:05 yes, it still uses cmake which still generates xcode projects
kosher 16:05 nice
uh, do the projects have xib files by any chance?
taxilian 16:05 mine don't, but that doesn't mean that yours can't
kosher 16:05 I have not had much luck with the xibs
did you add some code for handling them?
in the prepmac?
taxilian 16:05 you'd have to at least add it to the project (your projectDef.cmake file); you might have to have it run the xib->nib compiler yourself
do some searches on how to use xib files in a cmake project
kosher 16:05 thanks
I did actually try this
but for some reason I get permission denied on the ibitool writing the nib to the resources folder
tried everything
it's the mkdir command that fails with perm denied
kosher 17:05 Figured it out. Here is the secret sauce:
taxilian 17:05 cool
sorry, I'm at the office today and I've been moving around talking to people a lot