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EL45 14:05 Hey taxilian. Was my edit/addition to the WiX page( alright? I don't have much (any) wiki experience.
taxilian 14:05 I haven't looked at it carefully, but looked good on first glance
I'll look at it again
EL45 14:05 Cool. Thanks!
johannes 14:05 I'm trying to add some tests to my plugin and link boost stuff from my test programm, in my plugin's cmake file i did add_subdirectory("tests"), in there I define my test Project and tried fb_check_boost() fb_check_boost() and different other ways but it never tries to link boost. ideas?
ssdc 14:05 hey taxillian, is this a good time? i have a quick question ...
taxilian 14:05 well, I'm here
ssdc 14:05 haha
taxilian 14:05 johannes: you need to actually add the boost libraries to the link for your new subproject
ssdc 14:05 ok - well, making http requests from within the plugin
one thing that the responses are doing are setting cookies
some of which CAN be httponly (and want to keep httponly)
taxilian 14:05 johannes: the only reason the add_boost_library macros work on firebreath plugin project is because they are added using the target_link_libraries command
!findfile projectDef.cmake
FireBreathBot 14:05 Found 8 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 5 are:
taxilian 14:05 !findfile Win.cmake
FireBreathBot 14:05 Found 1 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 1 are:
ssdc 14:05 my understanding, is that we can't really set httponly cookies via JS, so accessing the document.cookies in the plugin doesn't really help out
so - is there a way, that you know of, to set cookies in the browser other than accessing the browser's document object?
taxilian 14:05 johannes: I believe that hte boost libraries come in as part of ${PLUGIN_INTERNAL_DEPS}
ssdc: there is a NPAPI method that will do that
but firebreath doesn't currently support it because we don't have a way of doing it on IE; if you want to figure out how to do it in IE we could add full support for it
ssdc 14:05 ah, ok ... what's that method called?
taxilian 14:05
similarly SetValueForURL
ssdc 14:05 awesome, thanks! I'll play around and see what I can do ...
johannes 14:05 taxilian: indeed ..adding all of ${PLUGIN_INTERNAL_DEPS} works ...
I thought I tried that yesterday
taxilian 14:05 you can always print out the contents of something using message