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jshanab_wcw 07:05 taxilian. I stopped at unresolved symbol FB::Log::initLogging(void)
taxilian 09:05 jshanab_lin: initLogging comes from either NullLogger or the log4cplus logger, which is found in PluginAuto/null
taxilian 11:05 jshanab_wcw: in case you didn't see it on your other account, initLogging comes from either NullLogger or the log4cplus logger, which is found in PluginAuto/null
jshanab_wcw 12:05 taxilian. Thanks. It looks like i have figured out what is suddenly wrong with my plugin. SFML libraries updated and caused access violations only on ATI video cards. I will play with adding those libs after work.
taxilian 12:05 ouch
glad you found it
jshanab_wcw 12:05 The access violation was because inside the lib it catches all gl errors and streams them to err() that is set to std::cerr on start. This somehow ends up null and causes the AV. Redirecting to FBLOG then stops the crash but yields 100% CPU becuse the function returns void and so I just stream 30fps errors to the log LOL
taxilian 12:05 lol
jshanab_wcw 12:05 One of the statements made was that printing to std::cerr and exiting was the recommended way of handleing the errors. Comes from the mentality that you are the only program and are not a shared lib!
taxilian 12:05 yeah
most people don't think about the fact that they may not own the process
it's probably the #1 reason that plugins are hard is that libraries people want to use don't play nice
jshanab_wcw 12:05 I am discovering/rediscovering that
ch 12:05 (ffmpeg being one of these...)
jshanab_wcw 12:05 I use libavcodec. That is one of the better ones!
Jamil 14:05 Hi taxilian
taxilian 14:05 hello
Jamil 14:05 after I added gdiplus lib to my fb project I have it not working on Chrome and ff
on IE it works well
taxilian 14:05 huh
works fine for me
elaborate on "not working"
Jamil 14:05 control not displayed like nothing happen
taxilian 14:05 well, might be worth doing some debugging to see what is actually happening, then =]
Jamil 14:05 is control will use the gdiplus.dll of the system
taxilian 14:05 okay, step back
are you sure the plugin isn't loading?
can you access it via javascript?
Jamil 14:05 not tested i think it loaded but when gdiplus called it not displays
So you say it should work
taxilian 14:05 if it loaded then it has nothing to do with the dll
if it were the dll it wouldn't load at all
I am using GDIPlus on the main plugin I work on
and it works fine
Jamil 14:05 Because I just replace atl with gdi library
Atl was working fine but gdiplus has more functions
taxilian 14:05 ? I'm not following
ATL and gdiplus are most certainly not mutually exclusive
Jamil 14:05 To display lines and points I was using atl library
Let me debug tomorrow and hope I can find the cause
The important for me that it works with you
Thx Taxilian
taxilian 14:05 good luck
Jamil 15:05 Sorry taxilian, I wanted to say by atl the WTL (a windowing library which extends ATL)
taxilian 15:05 ah, that makes more sense