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jshanab_wcw 10:05 taxillian. Good morning. I am trying to figure out that NpApiHost and was wondering how to actually load the plugin. Does it have the npapi load it? or do i actualy use dlload and then pass in the pointer
I found the npapicoretest that uses it, but i am still a bit confused by the test framework
jshanab_wcw 11:05 taxillian. You there?
taxilian. Maybe if i spell your handle correctly :-)
taxilian 17:05 jshanab_wcw: currently there is no support for loading plugins in NPAPIHost; you'd have to do that yourself with LoadLibrary
taxilian 18:05 FireBreathBot: tell vigrid the purpose of the return values on event handlers is if you return "true" the event won't be dispatched to be handled by anything else (for example, if you don't return true from the RefreshEvent then FireBreath's default draw handler will run)
FireBreathBot 18:05 taxilian: I'll pass that on when vigrid is around.
jshanab_lin 18:05 taxilian. I finally got to the point of calling LoadLibray but I could never get to the bottom of the dependencies. I think I need to make the binary install for FB before I work furthor. Maybe I am trying to use to much of the NpapiHost?
taxilian 19:05 jshanab_lin: sorry, I'm not followoing; which dependencies?
jshanab_lin 19:05 I thought that the lib npapihost at 13MB was the all I needed but trying to create a npapiPluginModule gave me linker errors. I brought in more libs and got rid of all but two but never quite got it. (Not to mention the issue that plugin code is built with /MT and I was using QT compiled with /MD which I had to force ignore of duplicate symbols.
So... I played with a personal project. A Design for A Heavy Copper PC board for my EV
Valo 21:05 i build firebreath plugin using vs2010
so visual c++ runtime is compulsory?