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scut_alex 00:05 How can I create a IE plugin using firebreath?
mandar 01:05 hey
anybody thr?
i need some help in FB plugin developement
reichi 02:05 taxilian_away: I've opened a pull request for the change we talked about yesterday (to cancel unsolicited streams on the browser side)
do you want me to add a n issue to jira, too?
Valo 04:05 i got a weird problem (at least, to me =p )
I opened a web page with firebreath plugin embeded in it
there was a part of the plugin's code where I set a static int as value 1
it was initialized as 0
then I opened the same web page in a new tab
and the value was already 1
AFAIK it should be new instance of plugin for every page opened rite?