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reichi 08:05 taxilian_away: have you ever experienced that an unsolicited stream causes something like a memory leak? Could it be that the browser (in this case webkit) keeps buffering the data when the plugin keeps returning -1 on NPP_WriteReady?
taxilian 08:05 reichi: I've never used unsolicited streams of any kind
reichi 08:05 damn
maybe i can tell webkit to not send them at all...
taxilian 08:05 there is a pull request for adding support for them
you could play with that
reichi 08:05 yeah
i just merged that ;)
i'll try to propery cancel the stream
taxilian 08:05 perhaps you could call destroystream on it
let me know how it works; I haven't had time to test it
reichi 08:05 i will
reichi 11:05 taxilian: i think returning NPERR_NO_ERROR for a stream the plugin will never handle is "wrong"
the problem is that the browser will than keep trying to send data
taxilian 11:05 that is quite possible
pull requests welcome =]
reichi 11:05 and buffers the data forever
which eats up all the ram ;)
taxilian 11:05 wait, that's bad? ;-)
users get spoiled when they have too much ram
reichi 11:05 especially on an linux STB that is not what you want ;)
taxilian 11:05 market it as a feature
reichi 11:05 I am building a HBBTV-Plugin for Linux STBs
(now that the first version has been released i can talk about it)
taxilian 11:05 cool
reichi 11:05 which means i have to look at my memory-footprint ;)
at least a little bit
taxilian 11:05 hehe
if you insist =]
I still think you should just tell people it's a feature
reichi 11:05 that their GUI is being killed by the kernels OOM-Killer?
I'm not exactly sure if they would believe me :p
taxilian 11:05 tell them it's to help keep them from damaging their brains from watching too much TV
reichi 11:05 hrhr
well the questions is what to do
taxilian 11:05 then cite all the studies that show how harmful it is
reichi 11:05 atm i just return NPERR_NO_DATA
taxilian 11:05 does it work?
reichi 11:05 as the browser will cancel the stream if you return any error
yes it does
the browser won't keep retrying to send stuff all the time
taxilian 11:05 seems reasonable to me
reichi 11:05 i have to try if it solves the memory-eat-up problem
but i guess so
it the problem didn't appear on pages that don't cause an unsolicited stream to be sent
keith____ 20:05 Hi
can I build a FB project that dont support IE but support other browsers?
We have an IE plugin and we want to support other browsers. We want to keep the IE plugin and make a FB plugin to support other browsers. If FB supports IE, then there are two plugins with the same function in IE.
keith____ 20:05 Anybody?
Valo 20:05 hi i'm having problem to understand postURL method in fbtestplugin
for example if I want to call it through browser console
can anyone gives example on what should I put in callback parameter?
postURL("http//","Data = " + data,???);
Valo 21:05 is the getURLcallback in fbtestplugin extracting the response header?
dougma 21:05 presumably the callback is a function?
Valo 21:05 yes
I used the test page code
dougma 21:05 cool
Valo 21:05 dougma: do you have any idea how to read the response header?
var postURLCallback = function(success, outheaders, data)
outheaders is an object....
dougma 21:05 so there it is
Valo 21:05 i meant if i want to extract a specific response header
dougma 21:05 presumably it's an array
presumably it's an array of {name: value: } pairs
this is what your javascript debugger is for. :)
Valo 21:05 got it
dougma 21:05 you had it all along. :)
taxilian 21:05 I think outheaders is actually a multimap
but yeah, same idea
you can iterate over it
dougma 21:05 fair enough... header should only appear once after all
taxilian 21:05 believe it or not, it's actually valid to have a given header show up multiple times
cookie in particular
that's why it's a multimap and not just a map