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kou 10:04 hi~ anyone here?
taxilian 10:04 nope
we're all gone
jshanab_wcw 13:04 I am trying to debug my plugin with some 3rd party tools and starting FF in the tool is ...counter productive. Is there a simple container that we could load our plugin into to excersize it?
taxilian 13:04 unfortunately not that I know of
jshanab_wcw 13:04 It was just a thought :-) I am trying to run a memory leak detector
taxilian 13:04 yeah, it's a problem and no mistake
it's possible to get useful info still, just harder
jshanab_wcw 13:04 I have one very nice anaylsis tool but it ONLY starts thru the debug system. I have to set up the project to start the browser with the web page, but it rarely makes it to the plugin.
It does not let me "attach" or begin collection when it finds a macro in the code.
taxilian 13:04 did you disable the crash handler in firefox?
and disable ipc mode?
jshanab_wcw 13:04 Yes, It is the Intel Parralells suite that only works thru the debug properties of the project :-(
taxilian 13:04 :/
you could always write your own NPAPI host =]
jshanab_wcw 13:04 I was looking at the 4part ColPanic articel and thinking just that...
taxilian 13:04 NPAPIHost in the repo is intended to be just that
never heard of mozmill
interesting. no idea
jshanab_wcw 13:04 that and UxU are plugins in the browser, I want to get the browser out of the way. Maybe that is too much to ask
taxilian 13:04 I have long wanted to make a npapi host for about the same reasons
also because then you could get really nice logging and other debugging stuff from the browser's perspective
sumeet 14:04 @taxilian: I found out why I wasn't seeing any logs in either the browser's console or my output logfile. The reason is, that the Win32DebugAppender gets the log messages and sends them to the debug output window in VS 2010 Express. The FileAppender or ConsoleAppender are not being invoked. In fact, my getLoggingMethods method in Factory.cpp does not seem to be invoked at all. Am I missing some build params?
taxilian 14:04 sumeet if FileAppender isn't getting invoked then you didn't configure the logger correctly
sumeet 15:04 Thanks Richard. Now I'll look for instructions on how to configure the logger (I haven't seen any so far).
taxilian 15:04 search it for "logging"
the wiki
it's there
there are a couple of methods on FactoryBase that you'll need to override in your plugin
in your plugin's factory class
sumeet 15:04 I did that.
taxilian 15:04 aparently not correctly =]
sumeet 15:04 and set breakpoints there - they're not being invoked.
taxilian 15:04 .pb
FireBreathBot 15:04 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
taxilian 15:04 pastebin me the code you're using
sumeet 15:04 possible. I just cut-paste the code in the wiki.
ah ok.
taxilian 15:04 also are you certain you've attached to the correct process? if you haven't, your breakpoints won't be caught
jshanab_wcw 15:04 Visual Studio is pick about breakpoints are they red or hollow yellow.?
taxilian 15:04 ? red or hollow red; never seen hollow yellow
jshanab_wcw 15:04 HUmm, never saw hallow red on VS2010 Premium
sumeet 15:04 I can break at other places just fine.
taxilian 15:04 sumeet: okay. pastebin me your factory.cpp file
sumeet 15:04 My breakpoints are all solid red :)
taxilian 15:04 and/or .h (is there a .h? I forget)
sumeet 15:04 in a moment ...
in a moment
jshanab_wcw 15:04 If it is solid red and you are not hitting it then the logic does not take you there... but there is a path to the code.
sumeet 15:04 yeah, that's what I figured.
taxilian 15:04 sumeet: you've done the add_firebreath_library(log4cplus) in your PluginConfig and then reprepped, right?
sumeet 15:04 yes, I put it at the end of the file though.
Here's the gist url: git://
taxilian 15:04 what version of FireBreath are you using?
sumeet 15:04 1.7
taxilian 15:04 hmm. try deleting your build directory and recreating
you're sure you aren't just attaching the debugger after those functions have been called?
re-prepping, I mean, not recreating
sumeet 15:04 That could be.
taxilian 15:04 are you attaching using the startup dialog?
or waiting 'til it's loaded?
sumeet 15:04 Not sure what you mean (I'm a unix programmer).
taxilian 15:04 you'd know if you were using the plugin startup dialog =]
sumeet 15:04 I attach using the Debug menu after loading the plugin. Then I reload the page that had the plugin.
taxilian 15:04 is this on windows or linux?
sumeet 15:04 Sorry, I'm not familiar with windows programming....
taxilian 15:04 hmm; that may or may not create a new process for the plugin
sumeet 15:04 This is WIndows 7 Professional
taxilian 15:04 there is a command-line argument you can use with chrome that will cause it to pop up a dialog box with the pid the plugin will be under on startup
sumeet 15:04 Actually, the fact that is undisputable is that my log messages show up in the VS debug-output window.
Oh, I see. I just attach to *all* chrome processes.
taxilian 15:04 you may be attaching too late, though
sumeet 15:04 I put breakpoints inside the Win32DebugAppender and I do successfully break there....
Agreed that I maybe attaching too late.
So the only thing I can say unequivocally is that the FileAppender is not being invoked.
And the Win32Appender is being invoked.
taxilian 15:04 most likely you can't log to "plugin.log" since you don't know what your CWD is and it's probably not somewhere you're allowed to write
so it's probably trying to create the fileappender and failing
sumeet 15:04 I tried with C:\Dev\plugin.log - that didn't work either.
taxilian 15:04 of course it won't; you can't write to that either
you're in a user-mode process
you're generally only allowed to write to your user profile directory
sumeet 15:04 ?
taxilian 15:04 anywhere else generally requires administrative access
sumeet 15:04 Oh - shows how dumb I am about windows.
taxilian 15:04 it's not that different from unix
sumeet 15:04 I'll try C:\Users\sumeet next.
taxilian 15:04 unix as a general rule you can write to your home dir, outside there you've got a problem
sumeet 15:04 Okay, in that case I'm generally dumb :)
taxilian 15:04 that's not to say that you can't mess around with the perms elsewhere on both platforms, but as a general rule...
sumeet 15:04 Okay, I'll follow the guidance there. But other than that, am I incorrect in expecting the messages to show up in my Chrome Console?
taxilian 15:04 yes
it will not show up in your browser's console
sumeet 15:04 Does Log_Console refer to some other console?
taxilian 15:04 you can use htmlLog on the browserhost to log to there, but it's got some performance implications
yes; the console on mac/linux is the system console, on windows it's the debug console that you'd get from visual studio or there are a few other ways
sumeet 15:04 I see. What does LogMethod_Console refer to?
ignore that.
taxilian 15:04 actually, if you were able to run the browser so that you had a terminal connected (a console session) you'd see it there as well
sumeet 15:04 okie dokie.
Thanks a bunch for your help...
taxilian 15:04 yw
sumeet 15:04 I'll read the link you sent me and hope to log to a file...
taxilian 15:04 =] I promise it works… I use it all the time =]
sumeet 15:04 that's good to know.
sumeet_ 15:04 Richard - your hunch was right. I see the file now that I specify a location within my homedir. (another interesting thing I noticed is that I supplied forward slashes in the filepath and that works - is this boost::filesystem at work?)
taxilian 15:04 probably just a feature of log4cplus
though boost::filesystem is probably also capable of handling that
sumeet_ 15:04 cool. Thanks again. Now I can get to coding my business logic.
taxilian 15:04 good luck