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taxilian 10:04 FireBreathBot: tell sumeet make sure you've tried completely deleting the build dir between each attempt
FireBreathBot 10:04 taxilian: I'll pass that on when sumeet is around.
sumeet 11:04 @taxilian: I did clear the build directory between some attempts.
FireBreathBot 11:04 sumeet: 16:53Z <taxilian> tell sumeet make sure you've tried completely deleting the build dir between each attempt
taxilian 11:04 hmm. what platform are you on?
sumeet 11:04 WIndows 7 Professional.
taxilian 11:04 interesting. what version of firebreath?
sumeet 11:04 I am not familiar with CMake, otherwise I would've debugged it myself. (started reading CMake manuals though)
I git-cloned firebreath yesterday
from git://
taxilian 11:04 are you certain that it actually isn't using the external boost? or is it just the error messages that you're worried about? (I'm not sure if those are valid or not)
sumeet 11:04 It seems like that's the trunk, should I instead use a released version?
the first time I saw the message I checked the include path generated in my project/solution. And that pointed to 3rdparty/boost within firebreath. From that point on I have been trusting the error messages and no checking the include path each time.
Could it be that my boost setup is faulty?
taxilian 11:04 to be honest the trunk is pretty stable right now
so you should be fine
it is possible that it isn't finding the external boost, I suppose
sumeet 11:04 I just unzipped boost and compiled/built it. Then I moved it to a suitable location.
taxilian 11:04 I don't use external boost, so I'm not 100% sure what behavior you would get
sumeet 11:04 I didn't 'install' boost.
Okay, well it is not a big deal I suppose. You've bundled version 1.45, right?
taxilian 11:04 yes
sumeet 11:04 I should be okay with 1.45 I suppose. I just noticed that you hadn't updated it for a year, so I tried to use the latest boost.
taxilian 11:04 one of these days I'll update it
I just haven't had time
sumeet 11:04 So I tried for a few hours - but its not big deal, I'll stick with what you have packaged unless I end up wanting something that you haven't.
You've done a fabulous job with FireBreath, by the way.
Mozilla's documentation is **ap
taxilian 11:04 if you run into problems with it let me know and I'll try to update boost sooner
hehe. it's a lot better now than it was when I started, believe me
sumeet 11:04 I read mozilla docs. for several days and then I came upon colonelpanick and that reading made it a lot more easier.
Then I found out that colonel-panic as also the firebrath guy (you) and so I checked out firebreath.
So I checked out FireBreath and boy am I glad I did that.
taxilian 11:04 yeah; I really need to write some newer docs, but I've been busy with other things lately so I've been mostly letting FireBreath coast
sumeet 11:04 Thanks a lot for that Richard.
taxilian 11:04 but it's pretty stable so it works well
you're welcome. if you're really grateful you could show it by contributing back to the project however you are most comfortable with… blog posts, examples, monetary donations, updating the documentation, etc
there are a lot of ways to help
sumeet 11:04 I certainly will, when I get the time. At this time I'm not employed and am trying to make a living by writing a product. So am strapped for time. But the moment I find some time I'll certainly help out.
taxilian 11:04 I know how that goes. good luck
sumeet 11:04 okie dokie, I'll let you get on with your day. Thanks again.
signing off now.
sumeet 11:04 Richard, I want to put a comment into the windows build instructions page. How do I find out the version of firebreath that I'm using?
taxilian 11:04 you're on 1.7, but not much that would apply to anything there has changed since 1.6
sumeet 11:04 alright. Thanks. But is there a version file or so in the repo. that I could look at, just so that I don't have to ask you again next time?
I couldn't find any after looking for a few seconds...
taxilian 11:04 there isn't; the only versioning is which commit you're on which can generally be traced back to what version branch you pulled from
there just isn't an easy way to record that information, so instead we do it by commit hash
sumeet 11:04 Alright. Thanks again.
medusde 13:04 Hi all, Do you need any help with the X11 stuff? Ive created some code that does the
00285 void PluginWindowX11::InvalidateWindow() const 00286 { 00287 // Doesn't exist yet 00288 }
my login is medusade (missspelled on this login)
taxilian 13:04 FireBreathBot: tell medusade We could certainly use someone more familiar with X11 to polish up the abstraction and maybe provide some examples
FireBreathBot 13:04 taxilian: I'll pass that on when medusade is around.
medusade 19:04 Hi, Saw the reply in the logs, I do have alot of X11 experience, How do I donate code and examples?
FireBreathBot 19:04 medusade: 27 Apr 19:47Z <taxilian> tell medusade We could certainly use someone more familiar with X11 to polish up the abstraction and maybe provide some examples