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EL45 11:04 @taxilian: In reference to a post of yours on SO ( you recommend using "a version-specific subdirectory with a version-specific filename"
Where can I specify this?
taxilian 11:04 in your installer
EL45 11:04 Ok. I'm using the built in Wix. So it will be in the wix config file?
taxilian 11:04 in the template, yes
EL45 11:04 Ok. Thank you.
taxilian 11:04 for the filename that'll be determined by your PluginConfig
EL45 11:04 Is there an easy way to use a separate PluginConfig when compiling in Release mode?
taxilian 11:04 short answer is no
but what are you trying to accomplish?
there may be a better way
EL45 11:04 Trying to think of the best way to have a development version and a production version of a plugin installed at once. With minimal code modification to release a production plugin.
I often have to give demos while i'm in heavy development of my plugin. It would be nice to be able load a production ready version when visiting one site and my current dev version when visiting another.
taxilian 12:04 hmm. the best way would probably be to pass in a cmake variable and in your PluginConfig you could set one set of mimetypes, etc for production and a different one for dev
you'd have to have two build directories, but that wouldn't be that hard
you just have a ./ and ./ or some such, and those call the real prep scripts with "-D DEVMODE=1" or DEVMODE=0
something along those lines
EL45 12:04 Great. Thank you Richard.
taxilian 12:04 np. good luck
EL45 14:04 Is there anything else that needs to be changed to have two different plugins (ie production and development) other than FBSTRING_MIMEType and FBSTRING_PluginFileName? When I install using regsvr32, the last one I register nukes the previous one. I have confirmed mimetypes are showing correctly (different).
taxilian 14:04 yes; hang on, let me pull it up
!findfile PluginConfig.cmake
hey, where is my bot?
ungrateful little....
!findfile PluginConfig.cmake
FireBreathBot 14:04 Found 4 matching file(s) in the master branch. First 4 are:
{u'error_message': u'Invalid Captcha'} (file "/home/richard/phenny/os_projectbot/", line 28, in shorten)
taxilian 14:04 oh, right. drat
I'll have to fix that
you'll need all the GUIDs to be unique
and the PROGID and PLUGINID must be unique
and the mimetype
EL45 14:04 Ahh. Ok. That makes sense.
taxilian 14:04 the MOZILLA_PLUGINID is what is used to determine the registry key name
EL45 14:04 Ok. so that should be unique as well?
taxilian 14:04 that was one of the ones I listed
I just abbreviated it
EL45 14:04 Doh. Sorry. Getting towards the end of the day
taxilian 14:04 =]
EL45 14:04 Thanks again!!
taxilian 14:04 yw. good luck
wei_ 16:04 hello, i have some questions regarding NPAPI in Safari 5.1
do you guys see something not right about the way Safari 5.1 handling NPAPI instances ?
i have a plugin that work just fine if instanciated once in a tab
then starting when i open two or more, it can't no longer instanciated
i instanciate npapi through <embed>
taxilian 16:04 I haven't ever seen that issue
try with object
I have weird issues with embed at times