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jshanab_ 11:12 I am trying to build on linux and after the last prep, i am getting unable to find gtk/gtk.h in pluginWindowX11.cpp. I also updated my machine since the last prep, so that could contribute.
Hibernatus34 11:12 Has FB been tested on VS2012 ?
jshanab_ 11:12 I have not personally tested but I have seen chatter about VS2012 and some recent commits to that end. Are you "up to date"? Like where they remove leakfinder from the project template dec,12th
Hibernatus34 11:12 Thanks jshanab_. I've installed VS2012 just to have a quick look. It's very uncomfortable so i'm not sure i'll use it. But it has broken VS2010 ! I get error LNK1123 every time i build an executable. So now i hesitate between repairing or migrating...
jshanab_ 11:12 broken 2010? we have 2010 and 2012 side by side at work. (you are re-preping between the two attempts?) Double check the cmake version too
Hibernatus34 11:12 I found people having the same bug :
jshanab_ 11:12 yikes that is scary. (they do like forceing project migration) I have avoided because on the microsoft blog they mention how many features they added and how much slower it is because of that. I don't need the newest features, so ...)
Hibernatus34 11:12 i'm reinstalling .NET 4.0, we'll see if it works. VS2012 was interesting for better C++11 support.
jshanab_ 11:12 I am starting to use a machine for each dev environment because of weird problems. I use so much boost already that became most of C++11 that it wasn't worth it on my project. But I too like the new features!
Hibernatus34 11:12 How do you make a plugin that isn't blocked by IE ? I've tried self signing on my DLL, then importing the certificate, but it didn't work. Do i need a real installation ? (through WiX)
jshanab_ 11:12 I had to add some registery keys, one that is important is to allow your domain. Lookon the wiki let me see if I can find link
Hibernatus34 11:12 Ah, just found it :
OMG, it works :) It was because i'm testing at home without a web server, so i had to add that comment as if i saved the page with IE.
jshanab_ 12:12 There is more info search for registry. this entry adds our domain to the allowed domains in IE so the friewall doesn't block my video. <RegistryValue Root="HKLM" Key="Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{${FBSTRING_CLSID}}\iexplore\AllowedDomains\*"
27 Type="expandable" Value="0" KeyPath="no" />
Hibernatus34 12:12 What if the plugin is installed in user mode ? (i mean if the installer doesn't have access to HKLM)
jshanab_ 12:12 Look at the poster, I only know because I suffered it
Cmake finds gtk2 during prep but the compiler cannot find gtk.h :-(
Hibernatus34 12:12 I've just had a look at the registry and found a browser plugin ( in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{5220CB21-C88D-11CF-B347-00AA00A28331}\iexplore\AllowedDomains
That's good news i guess. I've also repaired VS 2010 :) I've replaced .NET4.5 with 4.0
Thanks a lot jshanab_
jshanab_ 14:12 Anyone building on linux out there? of the 3 plugins FBTestPlugin, my GLGearsDemo and my main plugin, the first two build. Something happeneded mid day today and I cannot build the third. I get gtk/gtk.h no such file in PluginWindowX11.h and everything looks ok in the prep output
64bit gentoo BTW
kylehuff 14:12 I build on linux (almost daily the last few weeks)
jshanab_ 14:12 Ever run across the issue where it cannot find gtk.h even when the path to it looks good in the prep output. ( I print the PLUGIN_INCLUDES var)
Raf 21:12 hi
Raf 21:12 anyone there?
kylehuff 21:12 Raf - people are in and out; just ask your question and when someone sees it, they will respond if they have any input.
Raf 21:12 ok.
I am planning in to build a browser add on, that will be supported by all the browsers.
Can I achieve this by firebreath?
kylehuff 21:12 firebreath is for building NPAPI plugins with ActiveX control support. do you mean "add on" or "plugin"? An add on is something very different.
A plugin is something like Adobe Flash (it is typically used to render special kinds of content within a webpage), an add on is something that adds additional functionality to the browser. Like more toolbars, or context-menu actions, etc.
A browser add-on (also called an extension) could utilize an NPAPI plugin though
Raf 22:12 this is what exactly I am afet
for example:
I want to inject some html on google search page once the plugin is installed
kylehuff 22:12 Raf: what is exactly what you want? I listed two options. it seems you are referring to an add-on (extension), but you then you said "plugin" -- which do you want, an NPAPI plugin or a browser extension?
Raf 23:12 i want to create an exe, once installed, I want to inject soem html on google search page.
also i want to support it for all borwsers
is it possible?