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superc 02:04 hi. is it possible with firebreath to write a plugin that accesses browser bookmarks?
linearray 02:04 I think you want an extension
superc 03:04 so you mean the answer is "no"? :-)
So I actually don't want to download and install something in the browser but only get 1 time access to the bookmarks when the user visits the website (with the appropirate popup to allow access)
appropirate -> appropriate ;-)
Jamil 03:04 version 1.6 after running the prep2010 and get the build folder...when open the solution from VS I got two projects can't be loaded
PluginCore and PluginAuto
any idea?
linearray 04:04 superc: you would have to do it manually and browser-specific, i.e. read bookmarks.html
taxilian 09:04 g'morning all
reichi 09:04 morning taxilian
taxilian 09:04 I am now officially homeless =] Sold the old house, moved in with my parents… I get to move into the new house in June
reichi 09:04 i would call a homeless little boy
but your neither little nor a boy ;)
taxilian 09:04 hehe
reichi 09:04 i'm gonna move, too within the year
as soon i've found something that fits me needs (and wishes)
taxilian 09:04 I'm really excited about this one; it's a really nice house. we made a list of all the things we need or want and this house matches every single item
it's a bit more expensive than we wanted, but it's so much better than anything else we found we're getting it anyway
reichi 09:04 that's cool :)
taxilian 09:04 'course, the basement is entirely unfinished; it'll probably take some time to get my office finished
but it'll be really nice when I get it done
reichi 09:04 :)
i won't get house, just another flat for rental
back at home
leaving the big city behind for the countryside ;)
Jamil 09:04 Hi @taxilian...any idea about the project corruption?
taxilian 09:04 let me go back and read
I've been out for a few days
Jamil 09:04 okay
taxilian 09:04 did you try deleting the build folder and repreping?
Jamil 09:04 sure
same result
The project file could not be loaded. The 'ClInclude' start tag on line 544 position 6 does not match the end tag of 'ClCompile'. Line 565, position 7.
taxilian 09:04 upgrade cmake
Jamil 09:04 ok let me try
Jamil 10:04 great cmake 2.8.8 solves the issue...was simple...thx @taxilian