IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2012-12-29

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taxilian 10:12 g'morning all. I am back from my vacation =]
jshanab 11:12 Good Morning and welcome back, hope you had a relaxing vacation
taxilian 12:12 well, I've been sick the whole week
so not as relaxing as I'd hoped
but it was still something different
and I haven't hardly written a line of code all week
which may be the longest I've gone since my stint in Siberia where that was the case
and now I need to go run some errands. take care, I'll be back later
jshanab 12:12 I would suffer withdrawl
taxilian 12:12 I probably would have still done some coding if I hadn't been so sick. it's down mainly just to a killer cough now, but that's better than the cough + sinus headache + full body exhaustion + ...
anyway, just took down the Christmas tree (and with a 12' artificial tree that's a task) and now I'm headed to the store
jshanab 12:12 I booted up my rasberry pi last night. Not bad performance considering
taxilian 12:12 yeah, those are fun. I have a VM server (vsphere) that runs all the firebreath services as well as a bunch of other stuff and I use the pi as a thin client to connect to all the machines on there
(vnc, rdesktop, X over ssh)
jshanab 12:12 Wow!. I am impressed with the built in H264 decoding. can't wait to give that a go.
taxilian 12:12 hehe. let me know how that works. I haven't used it yet.
anyway, bye for real this time =]