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Valo 01:04 hello
FireBreathBot 01:04 Valo: 09 Apr 01:51Z <taxilian> tell Valo asyncPost uses special browser APIs for making the request that do not go through the standard origination policies; the assumption I think is that if you're already allowing someone to execute code on your system it's silly to try to limit what they can do through the http stack, particularly since they could just bypass the browser's stack entirely if they wanted
benosa 09:04 @taxilian: Привет
taxilian 09:04 hello
benosa 09:04 @taxilian: возник вопрос
taxilian 09:04 okay
benosa 09:04 @taxilian: я браузеру говору что на странице у меня 2 одинаковых плагина (plugin1,plugin2, ... и т.д.)
загружается плагин
taxilian 09:04 are these seperate plugins or seperate instances of the same plugin?
benosa 09:04 да
у меня создается окно в которое движек начинает рендерить
когда браузер видет второе окно - он создает onWindowAttached hwnd1, hwnd2
но у меня уже создан рендер в одно окно и это Singelton
мне нужно чтобы когда происходил onWindowAttached - он заново подгружал dll моего движка как-бы отдельно от первого и создавал заново цикл рендера
taxilian 09:04 this is why you usually don't want to use a singleton in a plugin
if you do use a singleton it needs to be of the type that can be aware of multiple plugins
benosa 09:04 т.е. мне нельзя использовать Singleton?
taxilian 09:04 I use Singletons all the time; however, only when they are things that are aware that there are multiple plugin instances andt he instance attaches and detaches when it starts up and shuts down
theni f the singleton does any threading it absolutely *must* be shut down from StaticDeinitialize if not earlier
benosa 10:04 я понял - мне нужен Singelton 1 и в него я помещу все, что мне нужно инициализировать 1 раз, а все остальное будет отдельно?
taxilian 10:04 more or less, yeah
benosa 10:04 @taxilian понятно, спасибо огромное
taxilian 10:04 you're welcome
DooZer_ 12:04 hi all~~~~~~~~~~
hello taxillian~~~~~~~~~~~
r u there~
taxilian 12:04 hello
DooZer_ 12:04 i got one question
plz help me
taxilian 12:04 I can try
about to leave, so be quick if you can; otherwise you'll have to wait 'til after lunch
DooZer_ 12:04 yes
i want to develope linux plugin
How will I use Eclipse on Linux
taxilian 12:04 run to have it make an eclipse project
then import the project into eclipse
more details than that I can't help you with -- I don't use eclipse much
DooZer_ 12:04 so.. what kinda use Develope tool?
vi edit?
taxilian 12:04 on linux I usually use vi
but I don't often develop for linux; the people who pay me usually are less concerned about linux support
DooZer_ 13:04 vi edit is difficult for me T.T
taxilian 13:04 just takes some practice. I use VIM on all platforms
DooZer_ 13:04 WOW
on window??
taxilian 13:04 of course
I use
DooZer_ 13:04 I'll try...
I was wondering too, but, because of the lack of English proficiency can not be asked
you know what i mean?
ssdc 15:04 hello there ...
I have some issues around the installation of a FB plugin (on windows). Let me explain ...
So - initially, we set it up to install to the local user account
which works fine
then we decided we'd rather have it install machine-wide in certain modes
ok - in the PluginConfig.cmake - I set the FB_ATLREG_MACHINEWIDE to 1 (uncommented that line)
ran cmake
ran the install on an admin account
which works
changed to a non-admin user account
and plugin isn't available
so ... it's not installing machine-wide
is there anything else that's needed to change that?
taxilian 15:04 depending on which version of the template for the wxs file you have it may be installing to the wrong location
compare it to the current version in src/fbgen/Win/WiX
ssdc 15:04 one sec ...
they're the same ...
taxilian 15:04 then you'll have to do some research. where is it installing to?
ssdc 15:04 although, looking at that WiX file, it seems to be set to user-level install anyway, regardless of that FB_ATLREG_MACHINEWIDE flag
for example (unless the source has changed in the last couple of months), the InstallScope is perUser
the template is the same
taxilian 15:04 That's possible; I have mine creating both types of installs, but I did have to hack things a bit
ssdc 15:04 and the regkeys are all to HKCU rather than HKLM
actually - that would be perfect
care to share that hack?
we want both as well
just wasn't sure how to proceed
taxilian 15:04 I can, but I can't right this minute
ssdc 15:04 sure, sure
anyway - it IS installing to c:/program files/
must be a registry thing
taxilian 15:04 does it work in IE but not firefox or anything similar?
ssdc 15:04 I was actually testing against chrome - will try ie now
ok - so I ran the MSI on my admin account (xp btw), logged out, logged into non-admin user account, neither IE nor chrome recognize the plugin
the plugin IS recognized in the admin's account though
taxilian 15:04 interesting
ssdc 15:04 i'm not exactly sure where in the register browsers pick whether a plugin is available or not - but looking for the mime type we defined in the registry, it shows up in HKCR and HKCU, no HKLM
ssdc 16:04 So ... any ideas? Looking at - none of these are being done with the installer.
taxilian 16:04 actually they are
there is a second file being generated that does those
ssdc 16:04 not in the registry they aren't ...
taxilian 16:04 I would love to help you and I know how to fix it, but I am on a deadline right now
I am really sorry
tomorrow I should be able to help