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prem 07:04 i have a doubt, just for clarification..
if i create a firebreath plugin, will it work with vbScript or only java-script?
vivek_ 07:04 Hi i have a doubt on firebreath plugin creation
anybody there to help me?
prem 07:04 @vivek_ ask away, some one will see it and reply.. if you log out before getting a reply, just come back and search the logs..
vivek_ 07:04 @prem you know about firebreath projects?
prem 07:04 i'm a newbie.. just here trying to clear some doubts..
but ask.. if i know, i'll be able to help
vivek_ 07:04 actually i have created a i can able to see in a browser like fbtestplugin output (plugin is it seems)...
but now i need to create a plugin for highlighting a word in a webpages...
how can i edit that?
prem 07:04 you'll see a message box that says 'plugin loaded'
vivek_ 07:04 i know java script only..actually is it possible to create?
yep....message box showed plugin loaded
prem 07:04 you mean you need to highlight words in the html page from a plugin?
vivek_ 07:04 hmm yes
once we install this plugin..phones numbers have to be highlighted
prem 07:04 i don't think that is possible.. the plugin does not have access to the html page or the DOM elements..
you'll need a browser extension for that..
vivek_ 07:04 oh? browser extension means?
actually plugin used for?
prem 07:04 you know, extensions as in AdBlocker for firefox and chrome
vivek_ 07:04 how can we create extensions for internet explorer?
prem 07:04 hmm.. i don't know about that.. i think IE9 has support for such concepts..
if you are looking to improve performance
there may be a way
vivek_ 07:04 yep...but i dont know about extension creation....
prem 07:04 to pass the data to the plugin, and let it identify the phone numbers, but you'll have to do the highlighting from the script..
vivek_ 07:04 yep i know how to write in javascript...but is it possible to highlighting in a webpages?
using plugins?
prem 07:04 plugins are used to do things that aren't dependent on the html contents, eg: flash player, the old quick time player etc
vivek_ 07:04 oh plugins cant affect the DOM elements rite?
prem 07:04 don't think so.. you can;t have access to the dom objects from a plugin.. but that's just what i know..
vivek_ 07:04 Then how can i create extensions?
prem 07:04 no idea.. maybe some one else here knows about it..
vivek_ 07:04 oh at what time the firebreath team will be available?
prem 07:04 you're from India?
vivek_ 07:04 hmm yes
i think you too rite?
prem 07:04 me too.. they'll be here from 8pm onwards.. may 9pm..
i've seen the main guy taxilian here from 9-11 pm
vivek_ 07:04 hmm ok nice to talk with you.
prem 07:04 gotta go now.. bye.. hope you get a solution soon..
vivek_ 07:04 hmm thank you.
Good night