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skyman 11:04 anyone working?!
taxilian 11:04 nope
we're all playing
however, as a general rule?
FireBreathBot 11:04 If you need help, just ask your question and wait for people to come back.
skyman 11:04 My plugin seems to work fine on IE and FF, however now it seems that when I close the browser for IE, 4 seconds later, the popup comes up that indicates that the plugin crashed. Any ideas where to start on this?
taxilian 11:04 absolutely; start by attaching a debugger to IE and then when it crashes find out *where* it crashed
skyman 11:04 acutally It's IE that crashes... "Internet Explorer has stopped working" ... not the plugin.
taxilian 12:04 irgtht
because the plugin is a DLL that is loaded by IE
that's what happens when a plugin crashes; it crashes the app the hosts it
so start by attaching a debugger to IE and then when it crashes find out *where* it crashed
benosa 15:04 @taxilian Привет
taxilian 15:04 hello
benosa 15:04 @taxilian: Ты SDL пользовался когда-нибудь?
taxilian 15:04 I haven't
benosa 15:04 Жаль
а почему Plugin window нельзя сделать FullScreen ?
taxilian 15:04 because you don't own the plugin window
you can't take over a window that you don't own
you can create your own and go fullscreen with that; that's what Flash does
benosa 15:04 Нужно просто создать ещё 1 окно в FullScreen режиме?
taxilian 15:04 pretty much
benosa 15:04 Понятно, спасибо
Вот сейчас пытаюсь с SDL это сделать
taxilian 15:04 good luck
benosa 15:04 Спасибо
lblissett 18:04 does anyone know of a way to cross platform test your plugin across a variety of different browser/os configs?