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DannyMosquito 09:04 Sorry if this is a stupid question but with Firebreath does the plugin need to be called as an object in the html or is it possible to actually use Firebreath more like an extension where it loads on browser startup
taxilian 10:04 DannyMosquito: you could use a plugin from an extension but you cannot use a plugin as an extension
DannyMosquito 10:04 taxilian: Thanks heaps for the response... ahhh ok... I'm actually performing operations on various web pages and now that I read that link Im going to have to do this through an FF extension
taxilian 10:04 yep
that's why I wrote the article; it's a really commonly misunderstood bit of confusion
DannyMosquito 10:04 taxlilian: I am working on a project where I access the currently running IE's DOM through using C++ libraries and using MSHTML of getting the process handle and the handle to the viewport however I really need to start looking at supporting other browsers and Firefox actually makes this quite hard. At least doing it the way I am.
taxilian 10:04 in general that isn't something that most browser manufacturers want you to do
DannyMosquito 10:04 lol... yeah I know its a bit of a hack however it does the trick pretty well. Basically what I am doing is I let a user manipulate a web page the way they want it to look and then they save that state. The next time they load that page it is then shown to them that way. My program simply changes the underlying html using DOM
taxilian 10:04 well, it might be possible to do with an extension that injects the plugin into a page and then the plugin could do the dirty work; I'd look at just using a plain extension first, thoguh
DannyMosquito 10:04 Yeah no your right mate..... I'm going to write an extension and go from there. Thanks so much for your help, you've made it clear to me now what I must do. Look up FF extension dev
Valo 13:04 just a quick question
Why asyncPost can bypass SOP implemented in the browsers?
the request eventually goes through from the plugin to the browser isnt it
as the browser can detect the request is made
taxilian 19:04 FireBreathBot: tell valo asyncPost uses special browser APIs for making the request that do not go through the standard origination policies; the assumption I think is that if you're already allowing someone to execute code on your system it's silly to try to limit what they can do through the http stack, particularly since they could just bypass the browser's stack entirely if they wanted