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koss 04:04 hi. I've got Error C1047 in VS2008 sp1 in FireBreath Project. It says The object or library file "C:/Users/test.lib" was created with an older compiler than other objects; rebuild old objects and libraries. But the file is up to date and was compiled in VS2008 sp1. How can solve this problem. thanks
taxilian 09:04 FireBreathBot: tell koss when you have weird build errors the first thing I'd always try is to delete your build directory and rerun the prep script
FireBreathBot 09:04 taxilian: I'll pass that on when koss is around.
taxilian 10:04 question for the group; should I keep or let it expire?
nirvdrum 11:04 I didn't even know that was a site.
taxilian 11:04 eh, it just redirects to the other
nirvdrum 11:04 You're probably fine letting it lapse.
taxilian 11:04 that''s my thought as well
reichi 11:04 I've never heard of that, too
taxilian 11:04 I had some plans for it but never ended up using it
and now I have both and
nirvdrum 11:04 .org is the only one I knew about / use.
taxilian 11:04 getting the .com actually gave us a marked increase in traffic, interestingly enough
it cost me about $300, if I remember correctly, but I snagged it on auction
reichi 11:04 i think 300$ isn't a lot anymore for a domain, is it?
taxilian 11:04 not for buying one that is at all contested, no
reichi 11:04 i always wished i'd have registered the "right" name 10 years ago
taxilian 11:04 however, when you're paying for things out of your pocket and from fairly minimal donations it is a bit more =]
reichi 11:04 that's true
I bought an android tablet to improve the look and feel of my app on tablets
taxilian 11:04 how do you like it?
which did you get?
reichi 11:04 well i got a cheap one
it's the european version of a chinese brand
(so it has all the certificates you need before you're allowed to sell electronics in the eu)
but for the development purpose it's totally ok for me
otherwise I would personally go with the Transformer
oder the Transformer Prime
(which is quite pricy imo)
taxilian: i love android
and 4.0 / ICS looks and feels really nice
taxilian 11:04 I haven't used ICS yet; I don't dare put one of the leaked roms on my phone until after I have my app working on the more common version
that's the problem with development; you don't dare play as much as you'd like sometimes and you have to keep the config as close to "real" as you can to make sure things work
same reason I can't turn off UAC on my development windows machine =]
reichi 11:04 I would die having UAC enabled
that thing really freaks me out
taxilian 11:04 you could be in trouble if you're not real careful developing plugins with it disabled
it completely changes the way that IE loads your plugin
reichi 11:04 yeah, i understand that :)
luckily i don't have that issue ;)
taxilian 11:04 =]
I just finally rooted and installed a custom rom on my phone last night, actually
until then I was running stock
reichi 11:04 which one do you have?
taxilian 11:04 Droid Razr
reichi 11:04 i am flirting the galaxy nexus
but one decided to come home with me for free yet ;)
taxilian 11:04 hehe
this one is owned by my employer
my personal phone is an iphone
that way I can develop for both