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rcohn 14:04 Hi - I'm building with FB1.6.0 and noticed a peculiar startup ordering issue. On IE, I see getRootJSAPI called before PluginEventSource::AttachObserver; and on Firefox (Chrome, etc.) I see just the opposite startup ordering. Is there a reason for this? Thanks.
taxilian 14:04 yes; IE and Firefox start things up in a different order
this is why it is explicitly stated in documentation (probably but not certainly in the plugin lifecycle docs) that the window is not guaranteed to be created before getRootJSAPI
rcohn 15:04 OK. I'll have to juggle a few things to have certain objects created when needed, but I can handle it. Thought I would ask to see if this was a bug, or if I'd done something wrong. Thanks again. You guys are doing a great job!
taxilian 15:04 note that you can call getRootJSAPI yourself if you want to
it's not going to hurt anything as long as you do it after the constructor finishes
rcohn 15:04 OK.
Sohaib 21:04 Hi, I am a newvie here. Would anyone help me to install Firebreath? I am running Debian Linux 6, 64 bit version.
taxilian 21:04 FireBreath isn't so much something you install as something you download
I recommend just checking it out with git
have you read the getting started pages?
Sohaib 21:04 Yes I checked out with git.
taxilian 21:04 okay; let's use a slightly different approach, then. What exactly are you having trouble iwth?
Sohaib 21:04 Most of them are about how to write plugins with Firebreath.
I want to install Firebreath on my machine first.
taxilian 21:04 you said you checked it out with git?
Sohaib 21:04 Yes I checked out
taxilian 21:04 then congratulations; you're done
it's installed
any other quesitons?
Sohaib 21:04 Thanks
Not for now
taxilian 21:04 note that you will also need to install cmake
and python if you want to use fbgen to create your template project
rather the skeleton of your project
Sohaib 21:04 I have already installed cmake and python.
Thank you.
taxilian 21:04 you should be good to go, then, more or less
you're welcome. good luck
Sohaib 21:04 Going to create my first skeleton.
taxilian 21:04 what are you planning to make, if I can ask?
(I find it interesting to see what projects people use FireBreath for)
Sohaib 21:04 Sure. I want create a plugin for viewing WSQ files.
taxilian 21:04 hmm. full page plugin?
Sohaib 21:04 Nope, partial page
taxilian 21:04 ahh, okay. that shouldn't be too bad, then, as long as you're familiar with GTK
(GDK? I confuse them)
Sohaib 21:04 GTK, right?
taxilian 21:04 yeah, I'm really not sure :-P
whichever of those involves drawing and supports XEmbed :-P
linux drawing is really a weak point for me
Sohaib 21:04 No problem. I'll get back to you guys (if I can finish it :P)
taxilian 21:04 =]
have fun