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max_ 00:03 hi
i tried to add sfml opengl window to create an external window from plugin the project compiles fine but when i try to register the dll it never register no error message it just hangs
max_ 00:03 hi
dougma 00:03 hi.
are you on windows?
registering with regsvr32?
attach the debugger, see where it is hanging.
max_ 00:03 yes
how to attach it
dougma 00:03 Debug -> Attach to process...
max___ 01:03 dougma u still there
maxvodoo 01:03 hi
hi won
won 01:03 hi
maxvodoo 01:03 how to get the window handel
dougma 01:03 hi
maxvodoo 01:03 hi
won 01:03 i don know..^^;
dougma 01:03 what window handle?
maxvodoo 01:03 dougma u told me to attach the debugger
dougma 01:03 yes
attach it to regsvr32.exe
then one which is hanging
maxvodoo 01:03 myGLContext = wglCreateContext(myDeviceContext);
this line
dougma 01:03 what about it?
maxvodoo 01:03 it hangs there
sorry my english is bad
dougma 01:03 ok.... now you know where it's hanging.
i don't know how to fix it
maxvodoo 01:03 it seems that he window handel is invalid
dougma 01:03 what window handle?
maxvodoo 01:03 the pointer to the window hwnd
dougma 01:03 maybe you are doing wglCreateContext too early?
do it when you have a valid window handle?
maxvodoo 01:03 mmm
dougma 01:03 or... create your own window?
maxvodoo 01:03 u know maybe ur right
thank you dougma
dougma 01:03 just guessin
good luck
maxvodoo 01:03 thnx man
won 01:03 PlugincCore.getParam method is don't work..
benosa 05:03 @taxilian: Привет
DooZer__ 07:03 hi all~
jshanab_wcw 07:03 Morning
taxilian 09:03 g'morning
FuzzYspo0N 11:03 alo!
taxilian 12:03 alo
FuzzYspo0N 12:03 porting is fun
takes so long