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benosa 10:03 @taxilian: Привет
taxilian 10:03 hey, how's it going?
benosa 10:03 нормально
вроде немного разобрался
taxilian 10:03 it's a start, then
benosa 10:03 как правильно делать отладку плагину?
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taxilian 10:03 !wiki debugging
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"Debugging Plugins":
"Building on Mac OS X":
"Build Configurations":
"Building on Windows":
"Building on Linux":
"Using FireBreath":
"Prep Scripts":
taxilian 10:03 "Debugging Plugins":
benosa 10:03 @taxilian: Огромное спасибо
taxilian 10:03 you're welcome
benosa 13:03 @taxilian: Ты здесь?
benosa 13:03 @taxilian: почему когда отрабатывает функция bool ITPlayer::onWindowAttached(FB::AttachedEvent *evt, FB::PluginWindow* window)
window->FB::PluginWindowWin->m_hWnd = 0x0007108a {unused=???}
taxilian 13:03 HWND is an opaque pointer type; that sounds like exactly what I would expect
benosa 13:03 bool ITPlayer::onWindowAttached(FB::AttachedEvent *evt, FB::PluginWindow* window){
pluginWindow = window;
FB::PluginWindowlessWin *wndLess = dynamic_cast<FB::PluginWindowlessWin*>(window);
pluginWindowWin = dynamic_cast<FB::PluginWindowWin*>(window);
boost::thread t(boost::bind(&ITPlayer::DrawInitOgre, this));
return false; }
taxilian 13:03 generally if you need to paste a lot of code, it's better to use pastebin or something similar
FireBreathBot 13:03 When you need to share code, logs, or anything else longer than a couple of lines, use a pastebin.,, and are all good options
benosa 13:03 ок, извини
taxilian 13:03 so there are two types of drawing; the first is a Windowed plugin, where you get an HWND. the second is a Windowless plugin where you don't. The type of drawing determines which of the two types of PluginWindow you get
!find isWindowless
FireBreathBot 13:03 Found 1 possible matches. Displaying 1
/^bool PluginCore::isWindowless()$/ (f) found in src/PluginCore/PluginCore.cpp:
taxilian 13:03 basically you override that method on your plugin and return true to make it windowless
benosa 14:03 virtual bool isWindowless() { return false; } ??
taxilian 14:03 if you return true instead it will be windowless and give you a PluginWindowlessWin* isntead of a PluginWindowWin*
benosa 14:03 так мне нужно false?
taxilian 14:03 if you want an HWND then yes, it should be false
benosa 14:03 Но когда у меня стоит false - то получается window->FB::PluginWindowWin->m_hWnd = 0x0007108a {unused=???}
taxilian 14:03 right
whats the problem?